Chapter 621 - To Probe (1)

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    Chapter 621: To Probe (1)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXu Weilai turned to leave but her steps faltered slightly.

    After she entered the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor, the door closed and the lift descended slowly. Upon reaching the first floor, she exited the elevator weakly and made her way out of the building. Even when she was waiting by the roadside for a cab, she still needed to steady herself by leaning against the lamp post.

    She was in an area with high-end residence where few cabs would pass by and because it was already late into the night, there wasn’t a single cab on the road.

    Perhaps because the alcohol was kicking in, Xu Weilai couldn’t seem to hold on any longer after waiting by the road for a while. Her head began to spin and she gradually slid down the lamp post until she was squatting on the ground.

    Five minutes later, a cab suddenly appeared and stopped right in front of Xu Weilai.

    After the passenger paid his fare and got out from the back of the car, the driver spotted Xu Weilai and asked, “Miss, do you need a cab?”

    Xu Weilai looked up at the driver and nodded. “Sure,” she agreed.

    She then stood up slowly, walked up to the car and got in. After she gave the driver the address to Xiao Chun’s apartment, the driver nodded and the car sped off quickly.

    Xu Weilai slumped back into the backseat and closed her eyes slightly. While she appeared to be sleeping, she was actually secretly inspecting the facilities at the back of the car. The most eye-catching object was the large QR code that was hung on the back of the passenger seat.

    Xu Weilai’s lips curled up into an indiscernible smile before she looked away, closed her eyes and took a nap.


    As Xiao Chun had yet to come home, it was completely silent in her large apartment when Xu Weilai arrived. While Xiao Chun appeared carefree, easy-going and mature, her apartment was decorated in a cute and girly style.

    Xu Weilai felt rather emotional as she sat down on the pink sofa.

    “Chunchun didn’t change much but I’ve changed a lot. In the past, I was girlier and more spoilt than her. But things have always been smooth sailing for Chunchun and thus, she could continue to be a girl at heart. On the other hand, I was forced to grow up,” Xu Weilai mused.

    “Fortunately, there are also benefits to growing up,” she thought.

    Xu Weilai sent Xiao Chun a WeChat message to ask if she had sent Xu Shuai home safely and reminded her to drive carefully at night. However, there was no reply from Xiao Chun.

    She then put down her phone, took her bag and begin to rummage through it. After she found the 100 yuan that she had taken from Xu Shuai, took it out and held it up to inspect it under the light.

    She was previously baffled and had retained this as a piece of evidence.

    Previously, she had agreed to meet Gu Yu at night to settle their divorcement. When they came out of the hospital, she coincidentally managed to get a cab as well. She recalled that the driver had wrapped himself up tightly as if he was a mummy and she had found him unusually suspicious.

    She did not think much of it at that point in time but when Assistant Lin dropped by to pick her up the next day, she felt a sense of d¨¦j¨¤ vu when she saw his back view.

    She had paid that strange cab driver 250 yuan and if the driver was actually Assistant Lin, there was a high chance that he would have 100 yuan in his wallet.

    The money was very new when she withdrew it and because she had folded and kept it in her wallet for some time, there were three creases on the note. Moreover, she also spilt perfume into her bag by accident and if the 100 yuan that Assistant Lin had managed to check all these boxes, it would prove that he was the driver.