Chapter 619 - The Final Leg (1)

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    <h2>Chapter 619: The Final Leg (1)</h2>

    All of a sudden, their conversation was once again disrupted by Xu Shuai’s burp.

    The multiple setbacks hindered them from getting the information that they wanted from Xu Shuai and, being an impatient person, As an impatient person, Xiao Chun clenched her fists and gave Xu Shuai a hard punch before she roared, “What is it that you want to say? Out with it now!”

    Shocked by the volume of her voice, Xu Shuai trembled and muttered something unintelligible. But before Xu Weilai could hear him clearly, he rolled his eyes and fell backwards.

    “Hey, you can’t blackout yet!”Xiao Chun yelled as she yanked his lapels and slapped him on the face mercilessly. However, Xu Shuai’s eyes remained closed as if he could not feel anything.

    Consumed with rage, Xiao Chun tried to punch him again but Xu Weilai quickly reached over and stopped her, “Chunchun, forget it. He’s already knocked out by the ten bottles of alcohol and will probably sleep until tomorrow night. Spare yourself the effort.”

    “But¡­but we’re already at the final leg! This is too infuriating!”

    Xu Weilai felt extremely comforted when she saw how concerned Xiao Chun was about her affairs. In an attempt to console Xiao Chun, she pinched her cheeks and flashed Xiao Chun a smile before she said, “Well, it wasn’t all for nothing. At least I’m now aware¡­that Gu Yu didn’t break off the engagement with me for no good reason. It was because¡­I did something overboard¡­”

    “It wasn’t you. It was done by you and someone else,” Xiao Chun corrected.

    Xu Weilai nodded before she narrowed her eyes and fell into deep thought. Many memories of the past flashed through her mind, but she couldn’t seem to recall anything relevant.

    Back then, Gu Yu doted on her very much and was never annoyed or impatient with her even when she became arrogant as a result of his pampering. He always acted as if he was fine with her the way she was.

    She had always thought that that was love, for love would cause one to be unconditionally tolerant of another.

    Thus, she was truly dumbfounded when he suddenly fell out with her and broke off the engagement. As she had developed quite a temper because of his pampering, she never bothered to find out the reason for his sudden change.

    Perhaps she had felt sure that they would never separate so easily.

    But in reality, they had parted ways and have yet to reconcile.

    Xu Weilai remained silent for a long time and seemed rather solemn. When Xiao Chun noticed this, she couldn’t help but ask, “Lil’ Lil’ Weilai, are you alright?”

    Xu Weilai then snapped back to her senses and smiled assuringly before she replied, “I’m fine. I’m just rather clueless at the moment. I might have unintentionally done something to hurt Gu Yu, or¡­he must have misunderstood something.”

    The minute Xiao Chun heard this, she retorted, “You couldn’t possibly do anything to hurt Brother Yu. I know how much you liked him back then.”

    “Alright. For now, let’s call it a day.”

    It had been a long day for them and when Xiao Chun sensed how exhausted Xu Weilai was, decided not to dwell on further in the topic. “You must be tired after ten hours of plane ride. I’ll send Xu Shuai home. In the meantime, you should head back to my apartment to rest,” said Xiao Chun.

    As she spoke, she took out her keys from her bag and shoved them into Xu Weilai’s hands firmly.

    Xu Weilai chuckled and accepted her kind intentions. Holding the keys up, she raised her chin in acknowledgement and said, “Thank you.”


    Xiao Chun then sent Xu Shuai home with her G-Class Mercedes while Xu Weilai hailed a cab by the roadside. After she got into the car and gave the driver the address to the apartment, sank back into the backrest and began to recollect about what happened three years ago.

    She was still lost in her thoughts when the cab arrived at the foot of the apartment. Xu Weilai subconsciously paid for her cab fare and got out of the car before she made her way towards the apartment block.

    When she arrived at her house, she took out her keys to open the door, but no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn’t budge. Eventually, she looked up oddly and her pupils instantly constricted.

    She then heard the sound of footsteps behind her.