Chapter 617 - Went Overboard (1)

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    <h2>Chapter 617: Went Overboard (1)</h2>

    While Xu Shuai appeared frivolous and ditzy, but Xu Weilai knew that he wasn’t silly and good for nothing. On the contrary, he was extremely meticulous and could easily read other people’s mind.

    After Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun entered the room, before they could even say anything, he was already rambling on about other irrelevant things for he could tell what they wanted from him. He was unwilling to answer and thus, wanted to wiggle his way out of it by pretending to be ditzy.

    However, Xu Weilai wasn’t a fool either.

    She still remembered that he owed her ten bottles of alcohol and she felt sure that she could get what she want from him after making him drunk.

    “You¡­ You¡­”Xu Shuai stuttered and his fingers quivered as he pointed at Xu Weilai and lamented, “Xu Weilai, you’re too ruthless. I saved your life previously. Can’t you let me off the hook based on that?”

    Xu Weilai shook her head without hesitation and replied, “Yes, you saved my life, but a debt is a debt. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely repay you for saving my life, but you’ll still have to pay your debts.”

    Seeing that he couldn’t persuade her, Xu Shuai could only turn to Xiao Chun for help, “Chunchun, I could hold my liquor well but I might die from chugging down ten bottles of alcohol at one go. I’m your sweetest boyfriend, so I’m sure you couldn’t bear to do this to me, could you?”

    Xiao Chun flashed him a smile and patted his head with pity before she nodded and agreed, “I certainly couldn’t bear to do that.”

    “I knew you would¡­”

    But before he could finish, Xiao Chun quickly added, “But Lil’ Lil’ Weilai is my precious darling, so you could only accept your fate.”

    “You guys¡­ No wonder there’s a saying that women are the most vicious creatures on earth.”

    Maintaining a poker face, Xu Weilai replied flatly, “Thanks for the compliment.”

    “What goes around comes around and nobody could escape from karma. That’s why there’s the saying that one should never burn their bridges. What wise words from our forefathers!” Xu Weilai thought.

    Xiao Chun then proceeded to instruct the waiter bring in ten bottles of alcohol and even emphasized that she wanted the one with the highest alcohol content.

    The ashen-faced Xu Shuai sank back into the couch limply as Xu Weilai sat on his left while Xiao Chun took her seat on the right and watched him as though he was their prey. Xu Shuai knew that he would either have to knock them out or accept his fate and drink up.

    He wavered between the two options and although he was tempted to go with option one, was too meek to do so. Eventually, he straightened his back and picked up a bottle of alcohol on the table. As if he was meeting his doom, announced, “Alright, I’ll drink! You’d better honor your words and let me off when I’m done.”

    Xu Weilai nodded.

    After receiving her assurance, Xu Shuai heaved a sigh of relief. “As long as I could pull through this, everything would be fine. It’s just ten bottles of alcohol. As the Prince of the Nightclubs, this is nothing!” Xu Shuai thought.

    He easily finished the first bottle and second bottle.

    But at his third, fourth, and fifth bottles, he began to have some difficulties with it and his face became slightly flushed.

    At his sixth bottle, Xu Shuai’s gaze became erratic and his brows knitted together into a frown while his movements slowed down. He even burped from time to time.

    Eventually, after finishing ten bottles of alcohol, he began to feel its effects and his body was almost completely limp. Leaning back into the sofa, he began to mumble to himself unintelligibly.

    Afraid that he would black out, Xu Weilai came up to him when the time was right and asked, “Xu Shuai, do you know who Gu Yu is?”

    At first, Xu Shuai merely stared at her blankly before looking away as if he couldn’t recognize who she was. However, the name ‘Gu Yu’ seemed to be engraved in his bones, for he soon replied without hesitation, “Of course I know. He’s my brother!”