Chapter 604 - The Past She Didn¡¯t Know About (2)

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    Chapter 604: The Past She Didn¡¯t Know About (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXu Weilai didn’t doubt at all that Gu Yu would do such a thing. He had always been a person whose actions spoke more than words, but… why did he still fulfill his promise to her after she was rejected by him?

    If he did it for her because he liked her, she wouldn’t have any doubts. But since he called off the marriage, since he didn’t like her and didn’t want to marry her, why did he still do it?

    Could it be like that time she was banished from the country by her family because he broke off the engagement, so he felt guilty? Was it compensation?

    Xu Weilai turned over and sniffed.

    Or did he actually like her three years ago…

    Xu Weilai rolled over again. Her mind was a mess. She didn’t know if she should continue thinking about it or not. She didn’t dare to think about it, so she tried hard to divert her attention to other areas. However, she accidentally remembered that time when she was in the country, and it was her first time getting sick after she married Gu Yu.

    At that time, she and Gu Yu were at their worst. She fell ill in the apartment and was delirious for a week. It was only when Gu Yu came back and saw her that he sent her to the hospital.

    While she was staying in the hospital, Gu Yu accompanied her in the hospital. He said that it was because of his grandfather’s request. Although she didn’t want to see him, she had no way to chase him away.

    In order to ease the tension between them, the nurse asked Gu Yu to read to her at night so that she could calm down and sleep peacefully.

    At that time, she didn’t expect Gu Yu to do it, but at night, Gu Yu unexpectedly really picked up the book that the nurse brought in and read to her.

    What story did he read…

    Xu Weilai frowned and thought about it. It seemed to be a story about a big tiger and a little fox. Yes, he only read halfway through it. He didn’t even tell her the ending, and she complained about it.

    After that, she wanted to read the ending for herself, but the storybook was gone. She couldn’t find it no matter how hard she looked.

    No, the storybook..

    Xu Weilai suddenly remembered that when she was packing up, she accidentally brought the storybook from Gu Yu’s study. She had never understood why there was such a storybook, but now she had an answer.

    So this storybook was the one he had read to her in the ward? But she had read that storybook before, and it wasn’t a story about a big tiger and a little fox!

    Xu Weilai hesitated for a moment, then reached out and turned on the table lamp. She took her phone out and typed in a search, but after scrolling through it for a long time, she couldn’t find the story he was talking about.

    Then, that story wasn’t written by someone else. It was basically made up by him.

    Gu Yu wasn’t a child-like person who liked to make up stories. Thinking about it carefully, she realized that the big tiger he was talking about was similar to him. He was silent and kept everything at the bottom of his heart.

    As for the little fox, it was probably her.

    He said that the big tiger liked the little fox. Like… was it made up on a whim, or was it a implicit love confession?

    If only she had known about this before, how great would that have been?

    But why now?

    She had already tried her best to calm the lake that was her heart. Why was it that for these past few days, small stones kept being thrown at her, causing ripples again and again, making it impossible for her not to think about the past.

    After all, she had taken the fever medicine. Xu Weilai thought about it and slowly fell asleep again.

    She didn’t know how much time had passed, but in her dazed state, she heard the phone ring.