Chapter 599 - I¡¯ll Find The Answer Together With You (1)

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    <h2>Chapter 599: I¡¯ll Find The Answer Together With You (1)</h2>

    Xu Weilai also didn’t expect that she would finally be able to calmly ask this question, even if the listener was only Xiao Chun. Before, she wouldn’t dare to say a single word, nor did she dare to face it. This was already a big step forward.

    However, the irony was that it was only after she and Gu Yu were separated for the second time that she said it.

    Xiao Chun was stumped by the question, because she didn’t know the answer either.

    At that time, she also thought that Gu Yu liked Xu Weilai, but he broke off the engagement out of the blue. It was precisely because of this that she felt that she was mistaken. Later on, when she saw the changes in Gu Yu, she felt that it was inconceivable, and she also couldn’t believe it.

    After Gu Yu and Xu Weilai got married, she once again saw the changes in Gu Yu. Each time, it made her heart ache, but she also gradually began to understand that Gu Yu really liked Xu Weilai.

    She felt that Xu Weilai had finally awaited the day Gu Yu reciprocated her feelings. She was quite happy, but at the same time, she was also sad because she did indeed have feelings for Gu Yu beyond that of brother and sister. Also, she was in a difficult position because Yun Rou also liked Gu Yu.

    She could suppress her feelings because Xu Weilai was more important to her. Moreover, she could tell that Gu Yu didn’t like her. With her personality, she wouldn’t cling to or throw herself at him, nor did she want to ruin the relationship between her and Gu Yu, or the relationship between her and Xu Weilai.

    It was good that she kept her feelings to herself. She didn’t want to cause any trouble for Gu Yu and Xu Weilai, nor did she want to lose them.

    However, she would occasionally feel jealousy, so¡­ she admitted that sometimes, the words she said to Xu Weilai weren’t offhand remarks, but were intentional.

    But every time she saw Xu Weilai’s sad expression, she wanted to slap herself again.

    When her heart ached more than she was jealous, she couldn’t do anything bad anymore.

    Later, after Yun Rou came back, she tried her best to deal with her, but unfortunately, she couldn’t stop Yun Rou. Fortunately, Gu Yu protected Xu Weilai very well at that time, and in the end, Yun Rou also got what she deserved.

    On the night of the birthday party, she put an end to her many years of unrequited love and affection.

    Whether she convinced Xu Weilai or not, she would at least know her feelings. In this life, Xiao Chun had firmly chosen her, and she would never betray their friendship.

    Just like how Xu Weilai firmly believed that she wouldn’t hurt her.

    She originally thought that after all this, Xu Weilai and Gu Yu would be able to live happily together. Who knew that¡­ they would suddenly get divorced.

    She was on a business trip and didn’t find out about this matter immediately. Otherwise, she definitely would have stopped Xu Weilai and asked her clearly. She wouldn’t have let her leave the country so easily.

    Now that the ship had sailed, it was useless to say all this. It was better to solve the problem at hand first.

    Xiao Chun said, “Xu Weilai, although I don’t know the reason brother Yu broke off the engagement at that time, after you left, he was depressed for a very long time. He must have cared. At that time, the person who was by brother Yu’s side the entire time was Xu Shuai. Xu Shuai might know something. If you want to know if brother Yu likes you and the reason he broke off the engagement back then, come back. I’ll find the answer together with you.”

    Although Xiao Chun didn’t want Xu Weilai to give up just like that, she respected Xu Weilai’s decision even more, so she added, “If you don’t care anymore, then I won’t mention brother Yu in front of you anymore.”