Chapter 566 - Only Wants To Live For Herself (2)

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    Chapter 566: Only Wants To Live For Herself (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioLooking at those three words, Xu Weilai’s long eyelashes slightly trembled.

    She had already thought about it. After divorcing Gu Yu, if she returned to the Xu family, she would either be forced by her parents to randomly marry another man again, or they would use her to obtain other benefits again.

    No matter which option, she wasn’t willing.

    She had already used one billion yuan to repay the Xu family for the cost of her upbringing. From now on, she would no longer be the puppet of her parents and the obedient daughter of the Xu family.

    She only wanted to live for herself.

    However, she knew her personality. She was a person who valued relationships very much. If she stayed here and continued to see Gu Yu, her heart would ache. Once something happened to the Xu family or her parents, she wasn’t sure if she would just stand by and watch either.

    It was better to stay far away.

    If she stayed far away, she wouldn’t be able to see or hear them, and she wouldn’t be affected.

    Xu Weilai’s fingers tapped on the keyboard and she quickly replied, [ Yes, I’m preparing to go back abroad to settle down. ]

    This time, her boss replied very quickly, [ Then what about your husband? Are you guys going to separate? ]


    Xu Weilai’s gaze fell on thAT word. She lowered her eyes, and her eyes were filled with sadness to the point that she couldn’t even finish typing on the keyboard. [ We’re getting a divorce. ]

    She still remembered what she said the last time when she returned the one billion yuan to her boss. It was really ironic.

    When she didn’t want a divorce, Gu Yu wanted a divorce.

    After typing those words, Xu Weilai’s fingers slightly curled up. After a while, she clicked send.

    She had a slight headache, so she put the computer away, got up, and walked out of the bedroom. She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of warm water. Then, she found painkillers from the first-aid kit at home.

    She took out a painkiller, put it in her mouth, drank some water, and swallowed it.

    When she returned to the bedroom, her boss sent her an email again.

    Boss: [ I thought you were going to stay in the country. Z magazine is going to set up a branch in the country. I admire your abilities, so I plan to hire you as the managing editor of the branch. The salary is up to you to decide! ]

    Truthfully, when Xu Weilai saw this email, she was very surprised.

    Z magazine had always been very powerful and affluent. However, it had never been listed on the market, nor had it ever wanted to open any branches. She didn’t expect her boss to be interested in developing in China.

    In reality, there was nothing wrong with that. The domestic market had always had great potential. If Xu Weilai hadn’t divorced Gu Yu, she would have agreed to this condition without hesitation. But now… she didn’t want to stay in China anymore.

    Xu Weilai reluctantly looked away from the ‘salary is up to you to decide’ and forced herself to move away. Otherwise, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and ask for a billion yuan.

    And with a big boss like hers who didn’t lack money, he would definitely agree without any second thoughts. In that case, she had to stay!

    Xu Weilai closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then took another deep breath. Finally, she took a deep breath and calmed her mind before continuing to type on the keyboard. She replied, [ Boss, I still want to be transferred back to the position of the branch chief editor overseas. Please… hire someone else. ]

    She didn’t know if her refusal made her boss feel that she didn’t feel appreciative or if she wasn’t too happy about it. After a full five minutes, a new email was sent.

    Xu Weilai quickly opened it.

    Boss: “Since you’re unwilling to, I won’t force you. It’s just that… do you still remember what you once said to me?”