Chapter 556 - Peaceful Confrontation (2)

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    <h2>Chapter 556: Peaceful Confrontation (2)</h2>

    Xu Weilai didn’t show any sadness on her face, but her hands, which were hidden under the table, started to tremble uncontrollably.

    Her mind was divided into two groups of thoughts. One group was shouting for her to stop asking, because the answer was probably not what she wanted to hear, while the other group was unwilling to let her evade reality. Even if she had to die, she had to die knowing why.

    Xu Weilai closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes again and spoke again, “Then, after I was injured, did you really mean what you said to me when you told me to wait for you?”

    She looked straight into Gu Yu’s eyes and didn’t let any of his emotions escape her eyes. This was the question she wanted to know the most.

    Gu Yu didn’t avoid her. His dark eyes met hers, but his gaze was too solemn, as if there were many emotions hidden within. She couldn’t see through it for a moment, or perhaps¡­ he didn’t want her to understand it.

    His voice remained calm and indifferent. He replied, “I was sincere.”

    He was sincere¡­

    It was clearly the answer she wanted to hear, but at this moment, there wasn’t any trace of joy. Instead, her mood became heavier, and for a moment, she was unable to ask the third question.

    Gu Yu waited patiently for her. When he saw that her lips were slightly dry, he even got up and walked into the kitchen. He poured a cup of warm water, carried it back, and placed it beside her hand. “Drink some water first.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Weilai’s gaze fell on the cup of water. This was Gu Yu’s natural thoughtfulness. Previously, she only felt that his thoughtfulness touched her heart, but now, it seemed that this was only his sense of responsibility.

    Gradually revealing some bitter resentment, she stared at the glass of water for a long time. She lifted her hand, grabbed the glass of water, raised her head, and drank it in one gulp.

    With a bang, she placed the glass back on the table. It was as if she suddenly had the strength to confront him. She opened her mouth, “Since you said that you treated me sincerely, then what you’ve done to me during this period of time isn’t because of guilt and sympathy, but¡­ but because you really want to start over with me? You want to continue this marriage, don’t you?”

    Gu Yu lowered his eyes and didn’t think much about it. He answered, “Yes, I wanted to continue this marriage with you¡­ ”

    Xu Weilai’s heart suddenly pounded wildly after hearing his words.

    If that was his answer, didn’t it at least prove that he still liked her a little?

    She almost blurted out this question, but Gu Yu’s next sentence came faster. “I thought I could do it. ”

    “But¡­ ” Gu Yu paused. His eyes slowly turned cold and indifferent as he gazed at Xu Weilai. There was even a hint of mockery in his eyes. He even deliberated for a moment, as if he was thinking about what to say next.

    Xu Weilai’s fingertips trembled slightly and she gradually turned pale.

    After more than ten seconds, Gu Yu’s gaze fell on Xu Weilai’s face again. He sighed slightly and lifted his lips, then apologized in a polite but distant manner.

    “Xu Weilai, I’m very sorry. I realized that I can’t do it. ”

    “Can’t do it¡­ ”

    Xu Weilai bit her lower lip hard and spat out each word with difficulty, “Why can’t you do it? Until today¡­ No, until you went on a business trip, didn’t you do it very well?”