Chapter 534 - Love Confessions Should Be Done By Men (2)

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    Chapter 534: Love Confessions Should Be Done By Men (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXu Shuai and Xiao Chun stared at each other for more than ten seconds. He could see the determination in her eyes.

    Ah, he was definitely indebted to Gu Yu and Xiao Chun in his previous life. Therefore, in this life, he was destined to repay their debts and clean up their mess.

    He raised his hand and gently stroked Xiao Chun’s face. Suddenly, he smiled wickedly. “Chun Chun, love confessions should be done by men! ”

    After he finished speaking, his black eyes glanced around. He then walked towards the booth, picked up a red rose on the table, and returned to Xiao Chun.

    The next second, he knelt down on one knee.

    He raised his face at the most handsome forty-five degree angle. He held the rose with both hands and raised it in front of Xiao Chun. He said affectionately, “Chun Chun, are you willing to be my girlfriend?”

    Xiao Chun’s gaze quickly swept over Xu Weilai and Gu Yu. Finally, her gaze landed on Gu Yu’s handsome face for about ten seconds. Then, she lowered her eyes and looked at Xu Shuai. She opened her mouth and said, “I’m willing to!”

    At the same time, she reached out and took the rose. She held it tightly in her palm.

    There were still some small thorns on the rose that had not been cut clean. They pricked her once and it hurt a little. It was as if something had been gouged out of her heart.

    But she thought that it didn’t matter. Although it pained her to give up, this wound would heal one day. It was better than always being buried in there without coming out and therefore always hurting.

    Xu Shuai got up and picked Xiao Chun up. He even made a few circles with her in his arm.

    Everyone was happy for them after witnessing such a love confession.

    Gu Yu didn’t let Xu Weilai stay for too long because of Xu Weilai’s health. He held her hand and was about to tell Xiao Chun that they were leaving.

    Xiao Chun appeared to be happy that her love confession was successful and had been drinking ever since. When Xu Weilai went to say goodbye to her, she was already a little drunk. Her eyes were blurred and she seemed to be smiling.

    Xu Weilai held her hand and said softly, “Chun Chun, drink less. Gu Yu and I will go back first. We’ll meet again next time.”

    “Okay, goodbye, Lil’ Weilai. Goodbye, Brother Yu!” Xiao Chun waved at them with a smile.

    Xu Weilai pursed her lips and suddenly reached out to hug her. Then, she whispered into her ear, “Thank you.”

    She felt Xiao Chun’s body tremble slightly.

    Xu Weilai quickly let go of her, as if she didn’t see her reddened eyes. She left her with the last bit of dignity and pride, then turned around to leave with Gu Yu.

    Xu Weilai wasn’t stupid. How could she not see through Xiao Chun’s intentions?

    If she really liked Xu Shuai, she wouldn’t have waited until today to confess. And if Xu Shuai liked Xiao Chun, he wouldn’t have waited until today.

    They were only acting together, and the audience was her.

    Yun Rou thought that if she exposed Xiao Chun’s feelings for Gu Yu, she and Xiao Chun would turn against each other. She thought that everyone was as selfish as she was.

    Torn between love and friendship, Xiao Chun chose to let go. She made a choice that would make everyone happy.

    She and Yun Rou weren’t the same type of people.


    After walking out of the door, Xu Weilai felt the heavy burden inside of her get lifted. She also felt a little more confident.

    Since Xiao Chun had chosen her, it proved that she wasn’t a bad person… then would Gu Yu… also like her?