Chapter 529 - Who Is The Person You Like? (1)

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    <h2>Chapter 529: Who Is The Person You Like? (1)</h2>

    Upon seeing her serious expression, Xiao Chun was a little confused.

    She didn’t say anything about her thoughts. Xu Weilai had basically seen through her, what else could there be that she didn’t know?

    But now, she had nothing to hide from her, so she nodded resolutely. “Okay, you can ask whatever you want to know, and I will answer you truthfully.”

    After all, this wasn’t the place to talk, so Xu Weilai wasn’t in a hurry. She said, “Let’s go find a quiet cafe and sit down before we have a good chat.”

    Xiao Chun nodded to indicate that she had no objections.

    Xu Weilai came in her own car. After the two of them sat down in the car, she started the engine, stepped on the accelerator, and turned the steering wheel before driving away.

    On the way, Xiao Chun received a call from Xu Shuai. He had originally planned to pick her up today, but he was caught by old Xu at the last minute and was reprimanded. He had just gotten away and asked her where she was and if she wanted him to come pick her up.

    Xiao Chun rejected him without hesitation. “I’m with Lil’ Weilai. Don’t disturb us! ”

    After saying that, she directly hung up the phone without giving Xu Shuai any time to speak.

    Although Xu Weilai knew that Xiao Chun and Xu Shuai had always gotten along this way, Xu Shuai was the one who was the most anxious when Xiao Chun was being detained. He had done everything he could to help Xiao Chun. It was obvious that he cared about his friend Xiao Chun.

    She couldn’t help but speak up for him. “Chunchun, Xu Shuai cares about you very much. He had originally gone to Gu Yu to help you with your lawsuit, but Gu Yu was really busy. Because of this incident, a few days ago, he messed up the contract signing ceremony. Yesterday, he rejected you because he flew over to renegotiate. However, Xu Shuai still really cares about you. You should be more gentle with him!”

    Xiao Chun forced a smile. “I know. Xu Shuai is very good to me, and you are very good to me. You two are the most important people to me in my heart! ”

    There was a red light ahead. Xu Weilai stepped on the brakes and slowed down. Finally, she stopped. Then, she turned to look at her and asked with feigned aloofness, “What about Gu Yu?”

    Gu Yu was also mentioned in her words just now.

    As if she didn’t expect Xu Weilai to suddenly ask this, Xiao Chun’s eyes imperceptibly froze for a moment before she regained her composure in an instant. She calmly replied, “Brother Yu is my older brother!”

    After a pause, she asked in return, “Lil’ Weilai, why did you ask that? It’s a little weird.”

    Xu Weilai future smiled and said, “I was just asking.”

    The green light just happened to light up. She turned her gaze back to the front and continued driving.

    Xu Weilai drove to a cafe that they often went to. It was very quiet and suitable for chatting.

    After parking the car, Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun walked in arm in arm. The cafe’s female owner was an old acquaintance of them. When she saw them, she greeted them with a smile. “You two sisters are here for afternoon tea again. Is it the same as before?”

    “Yes, it’s the same as before.” Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun answered at the same time.

    The cafe’s female owner wasn’t surprised and went off to work with a smile.

    After sitting down, the cafe’s female owner quickly served a cup of cappuccino for Xu Weilai and a cup of black coffee for Xiao Chun.

    Xu Weilai had never felt that there was anything wrong with Xiao Chun drinking black coffee. After what Yun Rou said last time, she found out that Gu Yu liked black coffee, Yun Rou also liked it, and now, Xiao Chun also liked it.

    Was it a coincidence or¡­

    Xu Weilai took a sip of the cappuccino, then pursed her lips and got straight to the point. “Chun Chun, have you ever liked anyone during all these years?”