Chapter 521 - You Will Choose Me (1)

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    Chapter 521: You Will Choose Me (1)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXiao Chun’s hands on the table suddenly tightened. Blue veins could be seen on the back of her hands. She said in a very low voice, “you are just lucky. It has nothing to do with me. ”

    “Lucky? ” Xu Weilai read this word, not knowing what it was like in his heart.

    How could there be so much luck? If Xiao Chun really wanted Yun Rou to kill her, she wouldn’t have arranged so many loopholes.

    With their good relationship and her trust in her, she was determined to harm her. The cup of water she handed her wasn’t drugged, but poisoned.

    “Xu Shuai also came to save me. How did he know that I was at the mountain? Under normal circumstances, he would only run up the mountain and not turn to the side. Unless someone secretly gave him directions, and that person is you! ”

    Xu Weilai’s voice wasn’t heavy, but every word was loud and clear.

    “Qnce can be said to be good luck. Twice can be said to be a coincidence. Three times, four times, five times… it’s still good luck. Is it still a coincidence? Do you think you can convince me? ”

    Xu Weilai’s hand slowly reached out to Xiao Chun and placed it on the back of her hand. Her hand was ice-cold, without a trace of warmth.

    However, Xu Weilai clenched his fist tightly. “Chunchun, I already know about you and Yun Rou… Oh no, it should be Xiao Rou. ”

    Xiao Chun, who had been silent all this while, lifted her head when she heard her words. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her voice changed slightly. “you… What do you know? ”

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t intentionally investigate your family’s matters. It’s just that I had to find out the reason why you helped Yun Rou, so I asked Xu Shuai to help. I know that you and she are half-sisters. She even saved you when you were young. Before she left your family, you two had a pretty good relationship. ”

    Since she had already investigated it thoroughly, Xiao Chun had nothing to hide. She openly admitted it, “Yes, Yun Rou is my sister. She saved me when I was young and I accepted her. Our relationship has always been very good, so after she goes abroad, I will help her keep an eye on brother Yu and sweep away all the women around him, including you! ”

    “I knew about you at brother Yu’s birthday party from the beginning. I helped you on purpose and became friends with you on purpose. That way, I would know what you would do and I would be able to stop you. ”

    Xu Weilai smiled, “Yes, I believe that you’re telling the truth. When you became friends with me in the beginning, you didn’t have any good intentions. ”

    Xiao Chun snorted, “Not in the beginning, but all the time! ”

    “All the time? Since it’s all the time, then what have you done to me all these years to hurt me? “? “When I was in university, I pursued Gu Yu, and you helped me with my plans. Is this how you chased me away? You were the one who told me all the information about Gu Yu, creating all kinds of opportunities for me. If Yun Rou knew about this, she would probably be very angry, right? ”

    ” … ”

    “Chun-chun, let me say the rest for you. You approached me in the beginning because of Yun Rou. After becoming friends with me, everything that we went through made you really think of me as a friend. That’s why you’ve always been unwilling to hurt me, including that Swallow’s nest glue. You also gave me something that wasn’t poisonous. ”

    Apparently, it was just a guess, but Xu Weilai was extremely certain.

    “Of course, these are all small matters. In any case, Yun Rou doesn’t know what you did, but when the conflict between Yun Rou and I really erupted, you had no choice but to stand by someone’s side. You cared about Yun Rou, but you couldn’t bear to hurt me, so… ”