Chapter 519 - Confession (3)

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    <h2>Chapter 519: Confession (3)</h2>

    Xiao Chun frowned slightly when she heard what Xu Weilai said.

    Xu Weilai instantly understood what she was thinking of when she saw Xiao Chun’s change in expression and she tapped the table gently before pointing out, “Are you curious why it would even occur to me that there was something strange about the bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin?”

    However, Xiao Chun simply pursed her lips and remained silent.

    Without keeping her in suspense, Xu Weilai continued, “Yun Rou called to warn me that you’ve done something terrible to me previously. She wanted me to believe that you had a strong motive which fuelled you to commit the crime. She wanted you to be deemed guilty.”

    “Chunchun, I would have nothing to say if you really did do something to me. But the truth is that you never intended to hurt me, isn’t it?”

    She stared fixedly at Xiao Chun’s face so as not to miss out even the slightest change in her expression.


    Xiao Chun forced out a smile when she sensed Xu Weilai’s gaze and assumed her usual tone of arrogance as she replied, “It’s beneath me to resort to such lowly means. I’m just window dressing it when I gifted you the bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin. I did it to maintain our friendship so that it would be easier for me to do things to you in future.”

    After saying this, she paused for a moment and glanced at Xu Weilai before she resumed, “Haven’t I succeeded in making use of your trust this time? It’s a pity that my plans eventually fell through.”

    “I’m someone who’s willing to admit defeat. A loss is a loss and I wouldn’t find excuses for myself. I’ll accept the legal sanctions.”

    Xu Weilai nodded and said, “Yes, I know your character. If you really did those things, I would put aside our relationship and allow you to accept your legal punishment. However, you didn’t do this and I simply couldn’t sit by and watch you take the blame while the real culprit gets away with it.”

    Her bright eyes slowly wandered from Xiao Chun’s face down to her slender neck and when she noticed the familiar thin necklace around Xiao Chun’s neck, her lips slowly curled up into a smile.

    She then resumed, “Chunchun, even though what you’ve said make sense, I still have some doubts about what happened that night. Could you explain it to me again?”

    Xiao Chun appeared rather impatient and retorted frigidly, “Shoot if there’s anything else that you want to ask and leave when you’re done. Don’t ever come and bother me again.”

    Xu Weilai blinked a few times and propped her chin on her hands before she asked in a noticeably lighthearted tone, “Chunchun, what’s the hurry? Are you afraid that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with your cold pretence if you were to stay any longer with me?”

    “I just find you very annoying,” Xiao Chun denied and averted her gaze. She then emphasized, “You’re so irritating. I already said that I was the one who did all those terrible things to you. Why are you still asking? What’s there to ask?”

    “I wouldn’t have to ask so many questions if you were to tell me the truth. Sure, you find me maddening. Well, let me tell you that I’m also frustrated by how your words don’t seem to match your heart,” Xu Weilai retorted and widened her eyes to feign anger. “We’ve known each other for so many years and pulled through thick and thin together. You were always by my side when I’m feeling down, would always support me when I’m broke and I could also count on you whenever I’m injured. If it weren’t for these, I wouldn’t even bother about you.”

    “Those are fake. It was all an act and you were merely foolishly deceived by me,” Xiao Chun rebutted.

    Despite how heartless her words were, Xiao Chun’s eyes subconsciously teared up as she spat out, “Nobody told you to bother about me. I don’t give a damn about your concern for me at all.”

    “Sure, if it was all an act, then why are you wearing this?” Xu Weilai asked and pointed at Xiao Chun’s necklace with her fair, slender finger.