Chapter 512 - I'm Actually Very Sad (2)

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    Chapter 512: I’m Actually Very Sad (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXu Shuai left shortly after and Xu Weilai leaned tiredly against the headboard of her bed as though she had lost all her strength.

    Gu Yu remained silent from the start to the end, but sat on the bed and extended his arm to her. Xu Weilai understood his actions and leaned towards his chest and relaxed in his arms.

    The emotions which she had been suppressing inevitably flooded out and she sounded hoarse as she shared, “Gu Yu, I’m actually very sad.”

    The more clearly she analyzed the situation and the more logical her reasoning was, the more depressed she felt because she was genuinely afraid that all her conjectures would be true.

    There weren’t many people whom she loved and who loved her as well, and Xiao Chun was one of them. She was one of the people whom Xu Weilai treasured. She found it hard to accept the fact that Xiao Chun’s intimacy and affection could have been a pretence all along and that her real intentions were actually malicious.

    Gu Yu remained silent for whatever he said right now would be meaningless and weak. He simply lowered his head and pecked her hair lightly to signal his resolve in staying with her through thick and thin no matter what happened.


    Based on Xu Weilai’s statement, the police listed Yun Rou as a suspect and summoned her to the police station for questioning.

    Yun Rou came at the stated time and was no longer in the sorry state that she was in after losing the lawsuit. Instead, she had returned to her usual elegant, beautiful self and wore a smile on her face as she entered the room in her stilettos.

    The older policeman in charge of the case led her into the interrogation room. After sitting down across from each other, he began to question her.

    Yun Rou came out of the room when the interrogation ended and beamed at the officer before she left leisurely.

    The older policeman slammed his notebook on the table and his expression was unreadable. The colleague beside him saw this and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Did the interrogation not go smoothly?”

    “Not really. She answered everything that I asked and it went quite smoothly. On that fateful night, she said that she was sleeping alone and there were no witnesses to be her alibi. There’s something suspicious about her, but there’s also a 50% chance that she’s telling the truth. Even though we have Xu Weilai’s statement, we still couldn’t convict her because the most crucial piece of physical evidence is that knife which is still missing.”

    The other policeman nodded and pondered for a moment before he said, “Didn’t someone say that the assailant had taken the knife away with him? We’ve searched the resort but didn’t manage to find it, so it’s probably still in the hands of the assailant.”

    “I feel so as well. Since there’s something suspicious about Yun Rou, I’ll have to continue with the investigation no matter what. I’ll write a report now and apply for a search warrant so that we could search her apartment and the places she frequents.”

    Before writing the report, the older police officer called Xu Weilai and informed her about the outcome of the interrogation.

    Xu Weilai narrowed her eyes after she hung up the call.

    “Yun Rou hates me to the bone and judging from how she seemed when she stabbed me that night, she certainly wouldn’t let things slide after failing to get hold of me this time. She’ll probably do it again,” Xu Weilai ruminated.

    “Since she had chosen this path of no return, she should be subjected to legal punishment.”

    “This time, I’ll do all I can to send Yun Rou to prison!”

    As this thought crossed her mind, she looked up at Gu Yu, who was seated on the sofa reading a document. “Gu Yu, please do me a favor. I want all the surveillance footage of the foot of the mountain resort for that night,” she requested.

    “The surveillance footage might have captured the whereabouts of the knife,” she thought.

    However, on the same night, before Gu Yu could get Assistant Lin to send them all the surveillance footage, the police called again to share a shocking piece of news with Xu Weilai.