Chapter 506 - Open Your Eyes and Look at Me (2)

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    Chapter 506: Open Your Eyes and Look at Me (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioA dark expression instantly appeared in Gu Yu’s eyes and he pursed his lips tighlty. He subconsciously reached out his hands to touch Xu Weilai’s face on the screen and his fingertips were trembling indiscernibly.

    After Assistant Lin walked in, he quickly noticed Gu Yu’s behavior. He then saw Xu Weilai through the video call and realised that she had already passed out. The things that he wanted to say remained stuck in his throat and he quietly waited by the side for further instructions from Gu Yu.

    Fortunately, Xu Shuai suddenly spoke up at that moment, “Yu, the ambulance is here. I’ll send Xu Weilai to the hospital now. She’s a lucky person and I’m sure that she’ll be fine.”

    Gu Yu closed his eyes to suppress the look of panic in his eyes before he requested in a deep voice, “Don’t hang up. I want to be with her the whole time.”

    “Alright, I won’t. I’ll let you keep watch on her throughout the whole journey,” Xu Shuai assured.

    Soon, the paramedics came over and conducted basic first aid on Xu Weilai before they shifted her onto a stretcher and transported her into the ambulance. Xu Shuai, too, got into the ambulance.

    After Gu Yu saw this, he then looked up at Assistant Lin and said, “I want to return to China immediately.”

    Although Assistant Lin understood how his Big Boss felt, if he left like this, his plans of collaborating with P Group would undoubtedly fall through. Moreover, not only would they lose the opportunity to collaborate, but they would also offend P Group.

    Assistant Lin recalled how unsightly CEO Chen’s expression had been despite his incessant apologies earlier on. In fact, CEO Chen was still waiting for CEO Gu to return to explain himself.

    Feeling awkward about how he should handle the situation, Assistant Lin frowned. But just when he was hesitating whether to mention CEO Chen’s displeasure to Gu Yu, his phone rang ¡ª it was a call from CEO Chen.

    Assistant Lin held the phone like a hot potato and, after sneaking a glance at Gu Yu’s expression, asked, “CEO Gu, it’s a call from CEO Chen. Would you… Would you want to answer his call first?”

    Gu Yu’s eyes flitted over to Assistant Lin and his icy glare sent chills down Assistant Lin’s spine. Just when he was about to withdraw his hand, Gu Yu took the phone from him.

    Assistant Lin was inevitably stunned.

    Gu Yu then placed the phone beside his ear and answered the call. “CEO Chen, my wife had an accident. I hope to return to her as soon as possible. My apologies for not completing the signing ceremony. When my wife tides over the danger, I will make a trip back to Country M to apologize to you in person,” he explained clearly.

    Both Gu Corporation and P Group were large companies and have been neck and neck with each other. Gu Yu had never shown any signs of weakness throughout their discussions for collaboration. During the negotiation, he also strived to maximize the benefits that the Gu Corporation could gain. CEO Chen never expected him to set aside his pride for the sake of his wife.

    CEO Chen was momentarily stunned but suddenly, he erupted into laughter and remarked, “I never expected CEO Gu’s love for Mrs. Gu to be so deep. I feel the same towards my wife as well… We’re really similar.”

    CEO Chen’s anger instantly dissipated and he replied, “CEO Gu, I could understand why you would leave so abruptly today since Mrs. Gu is currently in a critical condition. We could reschedule the signing of the contract.”

    “I could also arrange for my private jet to send you back if you need. You could take it as a token of my sincerity to mark our future collaboration,” CEO Chen proposed.

    Gu Yu was in a foreign country and it was not easy to arrange a plane so urgently. But with the help of CEO Chen, he would be able to fly back at the first available opportunity.

    Thus, Gu Yu’s solemn expression softened and he replied, “Thank you. I’ll accept your offer then.”


    Xu Weilai felt as if she was walking in an endless stretch of darkness. All of a sudden, a streak of light appeared before her and she could not help but hasten her steps to walk towards the source of light.