Chapter 500 - Sudden Lightheadedness (2)

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    Chapter 500: Sudden Lightheadedness (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioShe could not help but frown and massage her temples with her fingers before she shook her head gently. Only then did she feel slightly better.

    “Was I dizzy because I’ve been soaking in the hot spring for too long?” she wondered.

    Xiao Chun had also changed out and when she saw how Xu Weilai was behaving, asked with concern, “Little Weilai, what’s wrong?”

    Thinking that her lightheadedness was just temporary and that she would be fine after taking a breather, Xu Weilai replied casually, “I’m fine. Let’s go and eat. I’m famished.”

    “Me too. Let’s go and have a good meal,” Xiao Chun agreed.

    The two of them then exited the hot spring zone and headed towards the resort’s western restaurant, which was famous for its delicious steak and selection of red wine.

    However, before they could reach the restaurant, Xu Weilai was struck by a second bout of dizziness which caused her vision of the road ahead to become hazy and distorted. Her body also began to sway violently.

    Xiao Chun, who was holding onto her arm, immediately felt it and stopped in her tracks quickly to support her. “Little Weilai, you’re not feeling well?” she asked.

    “I’m a little dizzy,” Xu Weilai replied and closed her eyes. Her speech was beginning to sound slightly intelligible. “I think I soaked too long just now,” she explained.

    “I told you so but you chose not to heed my advice, didn’t you?” Xiao Chun lamented.

    When she saw how terrible Xu Weilai looked, suggested, “Let’s skip our meal and head back to the room to rest. You could lie down and rest for a while. We could eat whatever you want when you feel better.”

    Xiao Chun then helped Xu Weilai over to the guest room block. When they reached the lobby, her cell phone suddenly rang.

    She took it out with her free hand and after taking one glance at the screen, said, “It’s a call from the company. It must be something urgent. I’ll answer the call first.”

    After a pause, she added, “I don’t know how long I’ll be talking on the phone. I’ll get a porter to help you back to the room first.”

    She then waved and beckoned a porter over. After she gave her instructions, the porter nodded and supported Xu Weilai in place of Xiao Chun. The porter then held onto Xu Weilai’s arm and led her over to the elevator.

    When they reached Xu Weilai’s room, the porter helped her over to the bed to take a seat. After confirming that she does not need anything else, the porter left and closed the door behind him.

    Xu Weilai dizziness worsened and she felt as if the entire world was spinning. She fell backwards into the bed and barely had the strength to pull up the blanket to cover herself. Soon, she blacked out and fell into a deep slumber.


    Xu Weilai does not know how much time had passed, but she could vaguely sense someone lifting her up and placing her onto something. Subsequently, it felt as if she was being transported somewhere.

    She subconsciously wanted to open her eyes to check if she was dreaming, but her eyelids felt very heavy. It was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on her and she could not seem to open her eyes no matter how hard she tried.

    While she was moving, gusts of wind blew past her ears and it was so cold that her body began to tremble.

    She drifted in and out of consciousness and felt as if she was in a long dream in which she was controlled by an incubus, for she could clearly feel what was happening but she could never open her eyes to verify for herself.

    At last, everything quietened down and she was no longer moving. However, the cold wind continued to blow and because it was so chilling, she gradually began to regain her consciousness.

    Xu Weilai pried her eyes open with much difficulty and at that same moment, saw a sharp cold light flash before her eyes. She instinctively looked up and that was when she saw it.