Chapter 450 - Taking back what belongs to me (2)

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    Chapter 450: Taking back what belongs to me (2)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioXu Weilai didn’t rest for long before she was woken up. Her body was still weak, so her reaction wasn’t that agile. She couldn’t dodge. Assistant Lin could protect only her left side and wasn’t able to protect her right side. So when the vase came crashing down, he couldn’t stop it immediately.

    Just as the vase was about to hit Xu Weilai, an arm suddenly stretched out from the crowd and blocked Xu Weilai’s arm, withstanding all the damage for her.

    The vase was smashed into pieces, and the broken pieces cut the arm, leaving a long bloody scar.

    Xu Weilai looked up and saw the familiar deep eyes. The man ignored his injury and grabbed her wrist. With a slight force, he pulled her into his arms, using his body just like he did in the warehouse. He blocked all the commotions happening behind her.

    Her gaze fell on his bloody arm and tears filled up her eyes.

    Tall and burly bodyguards stood behind Gu Yu. They stepped forward and held back the fans who were about to make a move and chased away the crazy reporters.

    However, the fans and reporters were unwilling to let it go. They confronted the bodyguards fiercely.

    A reporter even tried to break through the bodyguards. When the bodyguards stopped him, due to the chaos, the bodyguards accidentally knocked down the camera that he was carrying. That reporter was instantly furious and began to accuse angrily.

    “President Gu, even if you have power and influence, you can’t stop us reporters from reporting, right? You actually let your bodyguard do this. Is the Gu Corporation planning to cover everything up and disregard the law? ”

    Initially, everyone’s anger was only directed at Xu Weilai. Now that they heard this reporter’s words, their anger spread. The first to bear the brunt was naturally Gu Yu, who had always protected Xu Weilai!

    Fan 1: “Gu Yu, Xu Weilai kidnapped and injured someone. After doing such a ruthless thing, you still want to protect her without any condition? Are you ignoring what’s right and wrong? Can you do this just because you’re rich and powerful? ”

    Reporter 2: “The Gu Corporation is bullying us. We can’t endure this anymore. I want to expose these evil deeds and let everyone know how the Gu corporation disregarded the law!”

    Fan 2: “Gu Yu, you’re shielding Xu Weilai. You’re shielding a criminal! We want to boycott you and the Gu Corporation! ”

    The direction this was heading to…

    Xu Shuai’s face was completely dark and he was exuding killing intent with his entire body.

    However, he also knew that this group of people was deliberately stirring up trouble. There was no point in talking to them. He just had to chase them away!

    Xu Shuai gave the bodyguards a look. The bodyguards understood and their actions became more forceful. They forced all the people out of the room. Then, together with the hotel security guards who rushed over, they chased everyone out of the hotel!

    The room finally quieted down.

    Gu Yu looked down at Xu Weilai who was in his arms and said in a low voice, “It’s okay. ”

    Xu Weilai stared at his arm and replied in a hoarse voice, “It’s not okay! ”

    She grabbed his wrist and brought him to the sofa. She pressed him down and let him sit. Then, she found the medical kit in the room and sat next to him. She tried her best to stop her trembling hands as she treated his wounds.

    Xu Shuai and Assistant Lin looked at each other. Knowing that they were no longer needed here, they left the room.

    Gu Yu silently allowed Xu Weilai to apply the medicine on his arm. Even though it hurt, he only frowned a little, not wanting Xu Weilai to feel guiltier.

    When she finished what she was doing and raised her head to look at him, he said, “It’s just a small wound. It’s fine. ”