Chapter 437 - Why is Gu Yu here? (1)

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    Chapter 437: Why is Gu Yu here? (1)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter sending the message, Xu Weilai threw her phone into her backpack and continued to focus on the courtyard of the villa.

    It seemed that the rumor that Wei’er had an illegitimate child was probably true!

    As the sky gradually darkened, Xu Weilai turned on the night vision mode of the camera and clamped it between the branches of the tree. As she gnawed on her bread, she would glance at the camera from time to time.

    In the past few days, only the nanny and Wei’er’s parents had been going in and out of the house. It could be said that they had been extremely careful. No wonder the news only came out when the child was so old!

    Time passed. The night sky was filled with stars. Xu Weilai looked up and inexplicably missed Gu Yu. If she was in the capital, she could have pulled him to the mountaintop to look at the stars.

    So, child, come out quickly!

    However, prayer was a prayer, but the reality was cruel. The child didn’t appear again even when it was already past eleven o’clock at night. If she hadn’t seen it clearly, she would have thought that the child’s figure that flashed past was her own illusion.

    It was getting late, and the child was probably asleep by now. It seemed that today would be another unfruitful day!

    However, when Xu Weilai took one last look through the camera, she actually saw a familiar figure…

    Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment. She thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her. She even blinked a few times to make sure that she wasn’t hallucinating, and her dark eyes were filled with surprise.

    The figure she saw was Gu Yu…

    Even though his back was facing her, and he was wearing a mask and hat to hide his face, his figure and the suit jacket he was wearing was exactly the same!

    Shouldn’t he be in the Imperial City right now? Why would he appear in B city, or in the courtyard of Wei’er’s villa?

    Could it be… that he was really worried that something would happen to her like last time, so he personally came to protect her?

    After what happened last time, she had no doubt that Gu Yu would do such a thing. He was originally worried that she would come to B city alone to run the news!

    But she wasn’t in the villa, she was outside!

    The villa was full of surveillance cameras, and there were many security guards. What if he was caught accidentally and got hurt?

    A few security guards passed by, almost bumping into Gu Yu. Fortunately, Gu Yu moved swiftly and hid in a dark corner, avoiding the security guards.

    Xu Weilai’s heart, which was hanging in her throat, slowly fell.

    She bit her lower lip and was thinking about how to inform Gu Yu that she was outside and there was no danger. At this moment, Gu Yu began to walk towards the back door as if he was about to leave since he couldn’t find her!

    Xu Weilai could not help but heave a sigh of relief. She did not even pack her things. She wanted to go to the back door to pick up Gu Yu first before coming back to get her things!

    She climbed down from the tree and pretended to be a passerby taking a stroll. She went around to the back door of the villa and then jogged to the back door.

    When she was still some distance away from the back door, she saw Gu Yu walking out. She was delighted and quickened her pace. Standing behind him, she panted slightly and called out in a low voice, “Gu Yu… ”

    The man stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around.

    Xu Weilai black pupils suddenly constricted. Even though she turned around instantly and wanted to run away, the man was already prepared. He firmly pressed the rag in his hand onto her mouth and nose. After a few seconds, Xu Weilai’s vision went black and she fainted.