Chapter 427 - Since You Made Her Unhappy, You Have to Leave (1)

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    Chapter 427: Since You Made Her Unhappy, You Have to Leave (1)

    Translator:?Nyoi-Bo Studio? ?Editor:?Nyoi-Bo StudioGu Yu stood up after he hung up the call. He then wore his blazer before grabbing his car keys and phone.

    Assistant Lin looked at him in confusion and asked, “Mr. Gu, are you heading out?”

    “Yes,” said Gu Yu as he turned around to look at Assistant. All of a sudden, he tossed the car keys over to Assistant Lin, who caught it out of reflex. He then announced indifferently, “You’ll drive.”


    Yun Rou was seated on the bed in the hospital ward and was lifting her head up for her assistant to retouch her makeup and powder her face so that she would appear pallid.

    Subsequently, Yun Rou held up a small mirror and when she saw how sickly face she looked, said, “That’s enough.” Her assistant then packed up the makeup quickly and left the ward.

    After Yun Rou waited for about an hour, Gu Yu finally showed up at her door. Her lips inevitably curled up into a smile as she watched him enter. “Yu, you came!” she called out feebly.

    There was no expression on Gu Yu’s handsome face and neither was there any warmth in his eyes. He walked straight to the footboard of her bed before he finally looked up at her coldly.

    Yun Rou had initially expected him to walk up to the side of her bed where she could grab and make him sit down on the bed. But unexpectedly, he stood at the end of the bed and since she could not get up to pull him, could only hold herself back and continue to lean against the headboard weakly.

    There was no change in Gu Yu’s expression even after he saw how sickly she looked. In fact, he did not even offer a word of concern. Yun Rou tightened her grip on the blanket when she noticed this and had no choice but to initiate the conversation.

    “Yu, thanks for visiting me. I’m really happy.”

    Her long eyelashes quivered slightly as she gazed at him and tears welled up in her eyes. “I know that you still care about me. I…”

    However, Gu Yu merely stared at her coldly as though she was a stranger. He then cut her off and said, “I’ll give you three days to leave the Capital.”

    Yun Rou immediately paused and widened her eyes in disbelief. “Yu, what do you mean by this? You… You’re chasing me away?” she raised her voice an octave higher and asked.

    “Seems like you’ve heard me clearly,” said Gu Yu. He then walked towards the exit without even taking a second look at her.

    Yun Rou never imagined that he would only agree to visit her in the hospital for the sake of asking her to leave. “How could this be? How could he be so cold and heartless to me?” she thought.

    Yun Rou tossed the blankets aside frantically and got out of bed. Without bothering to keep up with the pretence that she was a sickly patient, she ran over to him quickly and stopped him before she asked, “Yu, are you angry over what happened at the birthday banquet? But I showed up for the event with the intention of giving you a helping hand. At that point in time, everyone was laughing at Grandpa. Furthermore, you, Xu Weilai and the entire Gu family also nearly lost your diginity. I’ve said those things for your sake. If you had accepted my confession, the Gu family wouldn’t have been humiliated!”

    She seemed utterly aggrieved as she continued, “Ultimately, you still chose Xu Weilai and made me a laughing stock. I’ve lost my pride and dignity because of you. I’m the victim now so how could you treat me like this?”

    “If you insist that I am at fault, then the only mistake that I’ve made was to love you so deeply. That’s why I was easily persuaded by Aunt to show up for the banquet.”

    “Is that so?” Gu Yu threw a question back at her lazily. Although he still appeared cold and indifferent, strangely, Yun Rou could feel a strong sense of danger and it felt as if he could see through her disguise.