Chapter 370 - A Performance Only For Him (2)

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    Chapter 370: A Performance Only For Him (2)

    The stadium.

    It was the regular venue for large-sized events.

    On that day, a giant cutout poster stood at the entrance of the stadium. It was a cutout of Yun Rou. Another larger-than-life poster of her face adorned on the sidewall of the stadium. It was an announcement on Yun Rou’s world tour. It described her as a national hero and the most talented pianist.

    By right, Xu Weilai should have known this. But, the ill-feeling in her heart blocked her from noticing anything related to Yun Rou during this time. She didn’t even realize that it was Yun Rou’s first concert on that day.

    The day before, on the terrace, Yun Rou had invited Gu Yu to watch her perform, hadn’t she? It was why she had said “see you” to Gu Yu. She was referring to the concert.

    It appears that Gu Yu had agreed to Yun Rou’s request; it wasn’t for some business matter, after all. He had decided to watch her perform and support the first concert of her tour. Was it all about this?

    Yun Rou had said in one of her interviews that she decided to make the capital city the first location for her world tour because the person in her heart was here. Meaning, she was back for him.

    Everything adds up.

    Xu Weilai closed her eyes. She knew that the smartest thing to do now was to leave the place and drive off immediately. She should pretend that she didn’t know anything and didn’t see anything.

    That way, she could at least preserve her marriage to Gu Yu. She could still enjoy Gu Yu’s care and gentleness. It was something she had always wanted and had finally achieved it after a long time.

    Xu Weilai could lie to herself for a while, but could she do it for her the rest of life?

    If Yun Rou were indeed the woman in his heart and if Gu Yu still loved her, he would forgive her, now that she had come back to be by his side. It would reignite their love, and there wouldn’t be any place left for Xu Weilai.

    No, she couldn’t just let it be!

    Three years ago, she was timid. She never understood the feelings Gu Yu had for her. She didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

    Xu Weilai wanted to know if Yun Rou was indeed Gu Yu’s first love; Or was she just another tool Gu Yu had used to provoke Yun Rou, just like Su Ziqian.

    Xu Weilai stopped pondering; she hadn’t given herself a chance to rethink. She quickly pushed open the car door and alighted. Then, she strode towards the entrance of the stadium.

    All the tickets to Yun Rou’s first concert had sold out. Fortunately, money can buy anything. Xu Weilai paid thrice the original price for a ticket she purchased from a woman standing at the entrance. She went through the inspection counter and entered the venue.

    The ticket she had bought was for a seat quite close to the front. After taking her place, she scanned the VIP section. Just as she had expected, she saw Gu Yu’s figure. He was seated directly facing the stage. He was sitting in the center of the audience.

    When Yun Rou performed later, she would be able to see him as soon as she raised her head.

    Xu Weilai bit her lips furiously. Her heart was throbbing with pain.

    The concert started. The lights in the stadium dimmed; only one light was on. It was directed at the stage, shining brightly on Yun Rou, seated behind a white piano.

    Her skin was fair, and she was as beautiful as a fairy. She lifted her pretty eyes slightly and looked at Gu Yu lovingly. She smiled gently and placed her hands on the piano keys. As Yun Rou’s slender and beautiful fingers danced on the keys, melodious music flowed into the ears of the audience. Slowly, everyone was mesmerized by the music.

    Throughout her performance, Yun Rou’s gaze never left Gu Yu. It was as if she was performing just for him. And the place it seemed belonged only to the two of them.

    After Yun Rou had finished her performance, she went backstage. Gu Yu got up, but he didn’t leave along with the crowd. Instead, he turned and went backstage, too.