Chapter 323 - He Had Been Blocked! (1)

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    Chapter 323: He Had Been Blocked! (1)

    It was his wallet¡­

    Didn’t he say that he didn’t have his wallet? So, what was his wallet doing in the pocket of his jacket?

    Xu Weilai opened his wallet. Although there were only a few bills of cash inside, there was a myriad of credit cards inside; the sight was enough to make her go cross-eyed!

    In other words, not only had Gu Yu brought his wallet with him, but he could’ve also used any card inside to foot the bill.

    He clearly had his wallet and his credit cards with him. Even so, he had lied and forced her to use the black card that he had given her.

    At that thought, Xu Weilai stiffened upon suddenly realizing what it all meant.

    Had Gu Yu lied to her¡­ just so that she would swipe his card and use his money?

    Initially, she promised herself that she wouldn’t read too deeply into his actions. However, during the time when she had witnessed Gu Yu change his behavior, her thoughts couldn’t help but be swayed in that direction.

    Not only was Gu Yu willing to let her spend his money, but he had even gone through all that effort to ensure that she was the one who did?

    Xu Weilai’s cheeks suddenly began to feel hot, as if a current was buzzing through her and reaching all the way into her heart. With her heart feeling warm and crisp, she lowered her eyes and smiled gently as she rubbed the wallet lightly with her fingertips. The smile on her face turned her eyes into little crescents.

    ‘Who knew someone could simultaneously be so hot and cold to someone!’ Xu Weilai muttered to herself as she closed the wallet and placed it back in his jacket pocket, pretending that she hadn’t seen it at all.

    Perhaps Gu Yu wasn’t being thoughtful towards her three years ago. Rather, he had done it in a way that was hard for her to recognize as thoughtful. This instance was a good example of that. Had she not unintentionally searched through his pockets, she would never have discovered the little trick he had played tonight.

    Still, this was only her theory.

    Gu Yu’s thoughts were too deep for her to read. As such, she could only scrutinize his actions closely and rely on her gut. In other words, she needed to find solid evidence of his feelings for her.

    Only then could she be sure of how he felt towards her.

    In the past, she had been full of confidence but ended up in a bloody mess. She had already been hurt once, so couldn’t help but be twice as wary this time around.


    By the time Gu Yu returned to the bedroom, Xu Weilai had already fallen asleep.

    However, the bedside lamp was still on. To his surprise, she had left the light on for him.

    The man gazed at the yellow glow from the lamp. At that moment, the faint glow was bright enough to illuminate his entire world.

    His gaze slowly moved from the small lamp to the big bed, and onto the slightly raised figure on it.

    Although Xu Weilai now had the entire bed to herself, she was still used to sleeping on her side and leaving the other side empty.

    As his black eyes lingered on the other side for a few moments, a deep yearning took root in his heart. How much longer would it be before he was finally allowed to sleep in his space beside her?

    The cell phone suddenly rang.

    Gu Yu frowned. Concerned that Xu Weilai would be disturbed from her sleep, he strode out to the balcony before pulling out his cell phone. When he saw the name of the caller displayed on the screen, he answered the phone. His tone was very heavy. “Hello?”

    Xu Shuai could keenly feel the murderous intent in his voice, and cold sweat poured out of his neck as he swallowed nervously.

    When he recalled whom he had seen tonight, he gathered his courage and forged ahead. “Yu, well¡­ Yun Rou is back.”

    The light in Gu Yu’s eyes dimmed. His voice was impassive as he replied, “Okay.”

    That reply took Xu Shuai by surprise. After a few moments of silence, he continued, “She’s now divorced.”


    “¡­Okay?” Xu Shuai’s raised his voice by a notch. “Yu, what do you mean by ‘okay’?”