Chapter 301 - She Isnt Miss Xu. Shes Mrs. Gu. (1)

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    Chapter 301: She Isn’t Miss Xu. She’s Mrs. Gu. (1)

    Outside the window, a glow gradually appeared across the horizon. The sun peeked from behind the cloud as its rays slowly shined forth.

    Although Gu Yu hadn’t slept the entire night, he didn’t feel tired at all. His dark eyes stared intently at Xu Weilai as she remained fast asleep. The way she quietly and softly leaned in his arms made him feel like he was in a dream.

    Stupor clouded his eyes, gradually dissipating to reveal a faint hint of joy.

    After some time passed, he suddenly realized that his eyes were aching. Fatigue finally overtook him as he slowly closed his eyes. Leaning his head against Xu Weilai’s, he fell asleep.


    Xiao Chun walked into the hospital, carrying a colorful bouquet of flowers with dew drops on them.

    Little Weilai loved flowers, and she loved fresh and pretty flowers even more. She had once said that looking at them cheered her up.

    Early in the morning, she drove a long distance to the flower market on the outskirts of the city to personally pick a few blooms. She wanted to use them to cheer Xu Weilai up and lift her spirits, hoping it would aid in her recovery!

    When she reached the hospital room, Xiao Chun reached out and gently turned the knob to open the door. Just as she was about to enter, the sight that greeted her stopped her dead in her tracks.

    The two people on the hospital bed were asleep in each other’s arms. Both their lips were slightly upturned in the same way as if they were in the midst of a very sweet dream.

    Had they¡­ returned to what they had been like three years ago?

    Xiao Chun froze where she was and silently stared at them. When a lump formed in her throat, she forced herself to swallow it.

    At that moment, she placed the bouquet of flowers in her hand down on the couch. Then, she quietly retreated from the room and closed the door behind her.

    Xiao Chun headed to the washroom and turned on the faucet. Gathering the cold water in both her hands, she splashed it on her face a few times until the urge to cry finally disappeared. Even then, a hint of red remained in her eyes.

    She exited the hospital and returned to her car, but she didn’t drive off immediately. Instead, she tapped a cigarette out of the box, lit it up in a movement that was graceful with practice, and inhaled deeply. The smoke choked her, causing her to began coughing.

    As she coughed, a tear escaped her eye.


    Xu Weilai slept very well. However, when she awoke, her eyes were as swollen and red as the eyes of an albino rabbit.

    Upon examination of Xu Weilai, the doctor’s expression turned grave. He sternly said, “Miss Xu, I have repeatedly told you that you have to maintain calm disposition. Fluctuations in your mood will worsen your injury. I can see very clearly that you didn’t take my suggestion seriously. Are you trying to stay ill?”

    Xu Weilai felt unjustly accused. It wasn’t that she was trying to stay ill. She simply couldn’t control her emotions!

    She glared resentfully at Gu Yu, who was preoccupied with work on the couch. She pointed at him and said, “Doctor, he was the one who made me cry! It wasn’t my fault! If you want to reprimand someone, reprimand him!”

    Gu Yu raised his eyes and looked over. Remorsefully, he said, “Yeah, it was my fault.” Then, he looked at the doctor and continued, “You may go ahead and reprimand me.”

    The doctor was left speechless.

    The doctor’s back stiffened as a layer of cold sweat appeared on his brow. Mr. Gu had to be joking! How on earth would he ever dare to reprimand the esteemed individual that had coldly glared at him over the past few days?

    He laughed dryly and quickly tried to backtrack. He gentled his tone and said, “Miss Xu, what I meant to say was that you’ll recover a lot faster if you kept yourself in a good mood.” His tone sounded like he was talking to a kid as he continued, “Miss Xu, I’m confident you’ll recover soon. You’re the best!”

    The doctor’s undisguised desire to survive made Xu Weilai chuckle uncontrollably.