Chapter 297 - Thank You For Waking Up (1)

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    Chapter 297: Thank You For Waking Up (1)

    The man’s voice became deeper. In the quiet ward, there seemed to be a hint of fear in his voice for some reason. “Xu Weilai, don’t do this in the future. Your life¡­ is more precious than anything else.”


    Gu Yu wasn’t blaming her for being a busybody. Instead, his heart was aching for her?

    Xu Weilai opened her eyes subconsciously. She met his eyes instantly. They were so dark and deep. There seemed to be an endless pit that laid beyond. She couldn’t see his emotions so she didn’t know if her guess was right or wrong.

    Also, she didn’t dare to make any wild guesses. What if she was wrong?

    However, there was at least one thing she knew. After she risked her life to save him, Gu Yu had become¡­ gentler.

    In the past, he would never have been able to say such things.

    She had just woken up so she wasn’t able to stay awake for long. Slowly, her consciousness started fading out. Her eyelids drooped. Before she slipped into a deep sleep, she felt Gu Yu’s hand stroking her cheeks lightly. He opened his mouth and said in his low voice, “Xu Weilai, thank you for waking up.”

    Gu Yu sat beside the bed and held Xu Weilai’s hand with his big hands. He looked at her lovingly without blinking at all. It was as if he still couldn’t believe that she had really woken up.

    For the past few days, he waited until he nearly reached a point of despair. She just laid on the sickbed. Even her breathing was very weak. It felt as though she would have died the next second. It felt like she would leave him forever, just like his parents.

    He had honestly hoped that the person lying on the bed was him instead. He wished that he could endure all the pain Xu Weilai was suffering.

    Assistant Lin told him that there was a very famous church in A City. Legend says that if a person were to head there and pray sincerely with their heart, God will hear their plea and he will help.

    He didn’t have any beliefs and he didn’t believe in all those things either. However¡­ no matter how funny it may have seemed, even if it was a cock-and-bull story, he still went there.

    He was willing to become a devoted and true believer for Xu Weilai’s sake.

    He kneeled there and prayed for one day and one night. Then, he received a call from Assistant Lin telling him that Xu Weilai was awake.

    It was a few simple words but it was enough to make a man like him tear up.

    He always felt that or rather, he always told himself that Xu Weilai wasn’t important and that he didn’t love her very much. At that moment, he finally knew the outrageous mistake he made.

    Fortunately, heaven gave him another chance again. One more chance to let him treasure Xu Weilai. A chance for him to love her properly.


    Maybe it was the fact that her wound was hurting, but Xu Weilai wasn’t able to sleep properly. Even in her sleep, she was furrowing her brows. Gu Yu brushed the tip of his fingers lightly across her eyebrows. He bent over and gave her a soft kiss. The gentleness of the kiss caused Xu Weilai’s brows to relax slowly.

    After he heard her breathing regulate, Gu Yu left the ward silently. He closed the door softly behind him and walked directly towards the doctor’s office.

    The doctor reported Xu Weilai’s situation to him. It was similar to what he told Gu Yu before. He said that since Xu Weilai had regained her consciousness, her condition wasn’t life-threatening anymore. But¡­

    The doctor looked at the man sitting on the sofa. The man’s expression turned cold suddenly. The doctor swallowed a few mouths of saliva subconsciously and finished the rest of his report in fright.


    Xu Weilai didn’t know how long she had slept. The pain and itchiness that came from her knife wound made her uncomfortable so she woke up again. She instinctively stretched her hand out and wanted to scratch her wound. However, just as her hand was about to touch the itchy patch of skin, someone grabbed her wrist abruptly.

    She opened her eyes and saw Gu Yu.

    The man’s eyes were filled with reddened veins. When he looked at her, his gaze seemed to be filled with sadness. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something but Gu Yu was a step faster than her. He said two words that shocked her.