Chapter 296 - Loving Him Became Her Nature (2)

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    Chapter 296: Loving Him Became Her Nature (2)

    Xu Weilai, you’re really useless. You said that you would forget about Gu Yu but in the end, you stabbed yourself in the back!

    Xu Weilai silently berated herself in her heart. She lowered her eyelids to hide the real emotions that stirred in the depths of her eyes. She didn’t want Xiao Chun to see what she was thinking. She even used a teasing tone and said on purpose, “Haha, I’m not that great. I just don’t want to become a widow at such a young age! I rushed forward because I thought that I could kick the knife away. However, I overestimated my skills!”

    She said her sentences firmly but deep down, she knew clearly that at that point, the knife was already about to enter Gu Yu’s body. There was no time for her to kick the knife away. The only method to prevent him from getting hurt was to block the knife using her own body and let her get stabbed in his place!

    Xu Weilai clasped the blanket subconsciously. She continued without blinking her eyes, “If I knew that I would’ve nearly lost my life because of it, I definitely would not have rushed forward! Even if Gu Yu fell before me, I will not do anything! That is just how heartless I am!”

    No, even if she had a chance to go back in time, to go back to that exact moment, she would have still rushed forward without any hesitation.

    For the first time, Xu Weilai realized that she could lie so smoothly. Unknowingly, in a bid to hide her true feelings, she could actually tell lies as if they were the truth?

    The moment she finished speaking, before Xiao Chun could react, Xu Weilai saw Gu Yu’s tall and slender figure standing at the entrance of the ward. She didn’t know when he had arrived.

    Her heart dropped suddenly. Did Gu Yu hear all her words about being ‘heartless’ a moment ago?

    The next second, the man, without any expression, walked in with huge strides.

    Xiao Chun regained her senses and turned to look at Gu Yu. She shouted, “Brother Yu.”

    Gu Yu nodded slightly and then said in a cold voice, “Go back and have some rest. I will stay here.”

    His tone was undisputable. It was cold as if he was giving her an order. A tinge of sadness flashed past Xiao Chun’s eyes. It disappeared in an instant. She smiled and said to Xu Weilai, “Little Weilai, I will leave first. Have a good rest. I will come and look for you again soon!”

    Before Xu Weilai could reply, Xiao Chun took her bag, turned around, and left with hurried footsteps.

    The ward turned quiet quickly.

    Xu Weilai felt Gu Yu’s silent gaze on her body. He continued staring at her for so long she was unnerved. She didn’t dare to look back at him. Thus, she could only pretend that she was very weak and closed her eyes. Then, she ‘fell asleep’.

    She heard the sound of the man taking off his outerwear. She heard the sound of him dragging a chair. After that, she heard him sit down, and finally, she heard his voice.

    Gu Yu’s voice was very low and hoarse. It almost sounded the same as hers when she first came to. It felt as if there was gravel in his throat as if he had been feeling tired for a long time.

    “Xu Weilai.”

    He called her name with the voice that appeared in her dream.

    Xu Weilai’s heart started hammering uncontrollably.

    However, the next second, he questioned her, “Who allowed you to block the knife for me? Who gave you the right to rush over?”


    Xu Weilai didn’t have hopes that Gu Yu would treat her differently after she blocked the knife for him. But¡­ no matter what, she almost died trying to save him. Even if he wasn’t grateful, why was he reprimanding her?

    Xu Weilai felt frustrated and heartbroken. Tears started welling in her eyes. Yes, that was what Gu Yu would say¡­

    But, Gu Yu’s next sentence gave her a huge shock.