Chapter 289 - Missing the Taste of Coffee With Milk (1)

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    Chapter 289: Missing the Taste of Coffee With Milk (1)

    Gu Yu moved his lips and spoke each word carefully, “Gu Corporation has always conducted its business in line with the regulations, and we will not tolerate any mistreatment of the workers or dishonesty. We have investigated this incident thoroughly and found that one person was abusing his position to suppress his subordinates behind his superiors’ backs and embezzle funds. The company has thus been handled severely. Regarding the specific details, the Gu Corporation will hold a press conference tomorrow to provide all of you with an honest explanation of the incident!”

    One truly had to admit that Gu Corporation was formidable! Within the short span of two days, they were able to uncover the truth and provide the results with astonishingly flawless efficiency!

    Gu Yu himself possessed a certain charisma that allowed workers to feel comforted and mollified.

    However, the next moment had changed that.

    The worker who was leading the protest suddenly shouted, “What a convenient excuse! The Gu Corporation is such a big company. Now that something has happened, you’re trying to push the blame onto a single person? Do you think we’re stupid enough to be satisfied with such an answer?”

    His extremely seditious words successfully stirred up the wrath of the workers who had already calmed down.

    Gu Yu remained composed. He turned his lips up in a sardonic smile and focused his dark eyes intently on the leader’s face. In a leisurely tone, he replied, “Even though the details of the matter have not been announced yet, you are already certain that Gu Corporation intends to shift the blame onto one person. Were you involved in the case? Did you personally witness it? If not, then¡­ are you purely fabricating news and accusing us indiscriminately?”

    Everyone knew that the worker leading the protest was neither involved in the case nor did he personally witness it. Thus, the third option Gu Yu presented was the only possible one!

    As the man’s face reddened with embarrassment, he was unable to defend himself for a while.

    After giving his explanation, Gu Yu turned around and strode off.

    Since Gu Yu had said that he would be holding a press conference to announce the truth the next day, the workers didn’t continue to protest. They slowly dispersed, and the live broadcast ended.

    As Xu Weilai put her cell phone down, she leaned back against the couch.

    Gu Yu might have managed to placate the people for now. However, he would still need to prove at the press conference tomorrow that the situation was caused by an individual’s actions and had nothing to do with the company. If he failed to do so, then dealing with the workers was going to become even tougher than it had been today.

    Without realizing it herself, Xu Weilai furrowed her brows tightly.

    She quickly shook her head again to prevent herself from thinking about it. Unable to sit still, she got up and walked around the apartment. Agitated that the place wasn’t as clean as she had wanted it to be, she swept the place and tidied it again.

    She prepared her own lunch in the afternoon only to lose her appetite after a few mouthfuls. After washing the dishes, she headed into the bedroom to take a nap.

    The laptop that she had left on the couch sounded with a chime.

    Xu Weilai had walked to her bedside, but she turned around upon hearing the sound from her laptop and headed over to the couch. She picked up her laptop to find a new message from her Big Boss.

    Xu Weilai opened it and read its contents: [There’s a small last-minute assignment. Are you interested?]

    The Big Boss had told her to rest well during the New Year holidays, so he did not assign any tasks to her. Hence, she hadn’t expected to receive this message at such a time.

    However, she knew a small last-minute assignment it wouldn’t pay much either. Instead of immediately accepting it, Xu Weilai moved her fingers and typed the following reply: [What’s the assignment?]

    Immediately, the Big Boss sent her the assignment brief. Xu Weilai took her time to open it. Her eyes deepened when she was done reading it.

    After hesitating for five minutes, Xu Weilai finally replied: [Alright. I’ll take it.]