Chapter 274 - Lets have a child (2)

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    Chapter 274: Let’s have a child (2)

    Grandpa Gu’s gaze settled on the two little boys that were each seated on one side of Grandpa Qin. He asked, “Are these two¡­ your great-grandsons?”

    Grandpa Qin broke into a proud smile. “Yes, but my family’s little rascal isn’t as capable as Yu. His only meaningful contribution was having these two clever little rascals. They’re even twins!”

    He called out to his great-grandsons, “Da, Er, greet your elders.”

    The two greeted obediently, “Great-Grandpa Gu, Uncle, Auntie, Happy New Year, wishing you prosperity in the new year!”

    Their endearing voices, bright red outfits, and identical features made them extra lovable.

    Grandpa Gu sighed, gushing out to the children. “Come over and let me hold you.”

    The two weren’t afraid of strangers either. Er made his way over to Grandpa Gu, while Da made his way over to Gu Yu and immediately trying to climb onto his thigh, likely wanting to sit on his lap.

    Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat at the sight. She was truly worried that Gu Yu would get upset and just kick the child off.

    As she expected, she watched as Gu Yu lifted his hands and move to carry the child. She immediately felt her heart in her mouth, she watched as Gu Yu sat the child steadily on his lap.

    Xu Weilai sat there, stunned.

    Gu Yu had such an amiable side to him? Was this truly not just a hallucination?

    Grandpa Gu played with Er for a while as he held him. The longer he looked at the child, the more he liked him. The more he looked, the more envious he got. He was among the many others who have a grandson. So, how is it possible that others’ grandson had already had two children, yet his grandson still wasn’t able to settle his wife!

    What’s the point of being able to earn so much money? What’s the point of being so smart? It was all useless!

    Da played for a while in Gu Yu’s arms before turning to look at Xu Weilai. Stretching out his little arms, he called out, “Auntie, hold me!”

    Xu Weilai had been wanting to hold him for a long time. Without a second thought, she stretched out her arms and took Da from Gu Yu. Seeing how his elder brother was held by a pretty auntie, Er ran over, not willing to yield, “Auntie, hold me too!”

    Xu Weilai didn’t refuse him. Stretching out her other hand, she held him in her arms too.

    The children couldn’t sit still, so Xu Weilai just got up. With her hands holding each of theirs, she brought the two to the front yard to play.

    Gu Yu’s gaze followed her as she walked away. Watching the way she held the children’s hands with a gentle gaze made his heart melt into a puddle¡­

    After having the reunion dinner, Grandpa Qin and his two great-grandsons took their leave. Grandpa Gu sent them off, despite being reluctant to see them leave. Then, he turned towards Gu Yu beside him, and asked bitterly, “I want to know¡­ before I kick the bucket, will there a chance for me to see my great-grandchildren?”

    Gu Yu pursed his lips and replied like always, “Grandpa, you’d live a long life.”

    Grandpa Gu huffed. As if struck with a thought, he then added, “Yu, don’t say that Grandpa didn’t teach you anything. Do you know what’s the best way to sustain a marriage? It’s children!”

    “Lao Qin had just told that early on in their marriage, his grandson and granddaughter-in-law were always arguing. As a result, their life was in turmoil. But after the two children were born¡­ well, just look at how blissful the two are now!”


    They were going to spend the night at the Gu Family manor.

    After taking a shower, Xu Weilai burrowed straight into the blankets and closed her eyes shut. She has been startled by several of Gu Yu’s actions. Her mind was such a mess that she couldn’t muster up the courage to face Gu Yu.

    After taking a shower, Gu Yu walked out and cast a glance at her. Then, he walked to the bedside and lied down.

    With the lights dimmed, the bedroom quietened down.

    Xu Weilai heaved a sigh of relief to herself. As she prepared to drift asleep, she suddenly felt the man turn around and press directly onto her.

    Even in the darkness, she was able to feel his eyes on her. Then, his low and raspy voice sounded out, “Xu Weilai, let’s have a child!”