Chapter 220 - Memories Made People Cry (2)

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    Chapter 220: Memories Made People Cry (2)


    Xu Weilai lifted the corners of her lips and forced a smile on her face. Then, she raised her head and looked at him. Her voice was hoarse as she opened her mouth and said, “Yes, I don’t deny that I’m doing this to earn money. However, these two things aren’t conflicting.”

    As she spoke, she couldn’t help but laughed. Yet, there was no happiness deep inside her eyes. She even mocked herself, “That’s right, I’m doing this to earn money. Why can’t I do that? My parents don’t like me and my husband doesn’t love me. Why can’t I make plans for myself? Didn’t you say that I can do anything to earn money? That’s right, I can resort to any means in order to earn money. I love money so much that I can give up my life for it!”

    Xu Weilai’s smile turned sorrowful. But, she still maintained the smile on her face with much effort and stared intently at Gu Yu. She was almost squeezing her words out of the gaps in her teeth as she said these words one by one, “Are you happy now?”

    Her hands were grasping the blanket so tightly that the blanket almost tore. She swallowed her saliva furiously and continued, “Either way¡­ we are just a couple by name. I will not care about your business so you shouldn’t care about mine too! I will make decisions for myself! You have no right to any comments!”

    He had no right¡­

    How dare she say that he had no right!

    Gu Yu was already burning with anger so when she said these, he got stimulated by her words. The aura around his body turned extremely cold. He was pursing his thin lips so tightly until they formed a cold and hard line. He stared at her with his black eyes. The flames inside seemed to be able to burn her into ashes.

    Just as Xu Weilai thought that he was going to explode in anger, the man smiled instead. He snorted two times before taking a huge stride forward. He placed one leg on the table and stretched his arm towards Xu Weilai.

    Xu Weilai didn’t manage to dodge in time. His hand had already grasped the back of her neck. He pulled her towards him and lowered his gaze. Xu Weilai was forced to raise her head. He looked down on her. His gaze was filled with coldness and contempt.

    “Xu Weilai, don’t think that I’m willing to be bothered about your businesses. Yesterday, you were the one who called me to ask me for help. Didn’t you say that you will never trouble me anymore? In the end? You did it again and again.”

    Xu Weilai didn’t expect that she called Gu Yu accidentally when she planned to call for Qiao Chu. No wonder he saved her¡­

    But, she didn’t have to explain to him. To him, any explanation was just a cover-up.

    Xu Weilai continued smiling. She replied without backing down, “Oh? In that case, you don’t have to come. You can add my number to your blacklist or block me. I didn’t know that Mr. Gu can be called over with just one phone call. People who don’t know you well might think that you are deeply in love with me!”

    The moment she said this, she felt Gu Yu’s gaze becoming deeper. Even the strength of his hand, which was holding the back of her neck, increased. Xu Weilai gasped softly in pain.

    If she didn’t know that Gu Yu really hated her, she might have thought that she had read his thoughts!

    Gu Yu’s expression turned extremely ugly. There seemed to be a thick layer of ice on his face. The temperature in the room dropped continuously. Although Xu Weilai wanted to put on a strong front, her body still shivered uncontrollably.

    His force of presence made her anxious. It was an aura that foreshadowed a storm.

    Indeed, talking makes you delighted for only a second¡­

    The room remained deadly silent for around one minute before Gu Yu finally opened his mouth again. There was no warmth or emotions in his voice. “Xu Weilai, I told you that you shouldn’t overestimate yourself. I’m just doing this for my grandpa’s sake. Also¡­”