Chapter 216 - Indeed a scum (2)

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    Chapter 216: Indeed a scum (2)

    There was quite some distance between them, and they had also lowered their volume. Xu Weilai could only pick up bits and pieces of their conversation, but from what she could vaguely pick up, she could guess what they were talking about.

    Plus, seeing how Rong Wang had spiked her drink, Xu Weilai knew what kind of a person he was.

    He was indeed scum!

    That’s right, the anonymous source of news that Big Boss received was that Rong Wang had a horrible personality and acted extremely vilely. He would often ask pretty fans of his out, and then¡­ sleep with them after spiking their drink.

    Everyone was an adult. So originally, if he had asked a fan out, and both parties were willing, no one would bother about such private matters. But to make use of the admiration and trust his fans had for him, he was worse than a dog or a swine!

    Because he was only toying with these fans of his. He wasn’t willing to spend the effort to coax them, nor did he want to take responsibility for anything. So, after spiking their drink, he’d use the excuse of his fans throwing themselves into his arms after being drunk, while he just helped them fulfill this fantasy of theirs!

    And then, once these fans had awoken, they could only swallow their grievances, not being able to do anything to him!

    Probably because he had gotten away every single time, that’s why he was getting more and more unscrupulous. If he had his eye on someone, he would execute his plan to get her. Moreover, not only was his agent aware of his actions, he was even an accomplice. Truly a bunch of beasts!

    What refined idol¡­ He acted like a goody-two-shoes in public and even emanated the aura of being a clueless, inexperienced newbie. But behind closed doors, he was simply a disgusting crook that forced himself upon women, a criminal!

    Rong Wang seemed to have reached the end of his patience. He finally got up and walked towards the restroom. Tapping on the door, he asked, concerned, “Are you alright? You didn’t collapse in there, did you? Do you need me to go in and help you out?”

    With her back against the door, Xu Weilai clasped her hands together and took in a deep breath. This battle, since it was beginning, she was going to see it to the end!

    Xu Weilai turned around and pulled the door open. With one hand on her forehead, she looked dazed. Even her voice had turned soft, “I’m sorry, Brother King seems like I’m really drunk¡­”

    Facing such a situation, a pleased look flashed past Rong Wang’s eyes. Stretching out his hand, he helped Xu Weilai to the sofa, “You’re drunk? Come come come, come sit here and rest for a while.”

    Xu Weilai bore with his touch, following him to the sofa before taking a seat.

    “Do you feel better now?”

    “I still feel very dizzy¡­”

    Rong Wang broke into a devilish smile, “It’s because you drink too little. If you drink more, you won’t get drunk so easily. I’ll teach you.”

    As he spoke, he picked up Xu Weilai’s wine glass and passed it over, “Don’t worry, just drink. Even if you collapse, I’m still here. I’ll take good care of you, mn?”

    Xu Weilai feigned discomfort, trying to evade, “If I drink any more, I’m going to throw up.”

    “You’re not even going to give me this honor? Or, do you want me to feed you myself? Alright, I’ll feed you.” Rong Wang called the shots, not even giving Xu Weilai a chance to reject him before the wine glass touched her lips.

    Xu Weilai had sensed that there was a tinge of suspicion and vigilance in Rong Wang’s eyes. After all, if she was really an extreme fan of his, why would she reject the wine that her idol had offered to her lips.

    Moreover, it wasn’t the first time Rong Wang had done such things. The reason why no one had caught him red-handed, was naturally because he always proceeded extra carefully and cautiously.

    If she didn’t drink, Rong Wang would sense that something was up¡­ nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    “Brother King’s the one feeding me, of course, I’ll drink!” Xu Weilai plastered on a sweet smile, parting her lips. Guided by Rong Wang’s hand, she took a sip.