Chapter 208 - I Will Never Have Any Feelings For You (2)

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    Chapter 208: I Will Never Have Any Feelings For You (2)

    It was almost as if refusing to repeat that sentence out loud would erase its existence.

    However, the man in front of her denied her of any hope. She saw him turned towards her as he said without a hint of emotion, “I don’t have any feelings for you. I never had, and never will. Do not develop any feelings for me. If you violate this term, I will immediately cease my financial support towards you!”

    Su Ziqian’s face paled with each word that made its way from Gu Yu’s lips to her ears. She didn’t want to hear it. Clamping her hands over her ears, she shook her head frantically. “That’s impossible! That’s impossible! That’s¡­”

    It was true that Gu Yu had said that to her at the start. During these three years, however, he had pampered and spoiled her excessively. Regardless of what she wanted, he’d give it to her without a moment’s hesitation. He had indulged in her every whim and fancy, allowing her to become a superstar and crushing the very same people who had once trampled on her.

    If those weren’t acts of affection, then what were they?

    Therefore, she had gradually forgotten that first warning that he’d given her. She had been convinced that Gu Yu did like her. Although he hadn’t touched her, that was only because he treasured her so much. Furthermore, she had begun to constantly beautify herself in pursuit of absolute perfection to retain Gu Yu’s affection.

    She’d undergone double-eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty. Feeling that her nose wasn’t sharp enough, she had gone for rhinoplasty surgery. Later, she had lamented that her forehead wasn’t full enough and had opted for fillers. Towards the end, she had been unsatisfied with the size of her bust and had gone for breast augmentation¡­

    Everything she had done had been for his sake. How was it possible that he didn’t like her?

    Su Ziqian took an instinctive step forward, intending to grab Gu Yu’s hand. Gu Yu took a step back, and she ended up clutching nothing but air. When she looked into the man’s eyes, it was as cold as ice.

    She gritted her teeth and forced herself to continue speaking. “Yu, are you doing this because Xu Weilai forced you to marry her? Is she now forcing you to make a clean break with me? If so, then it all makes sense now. That has to be the reason! If I promise to never provoke her again, will that be enough for you? If so, then I’ll never appear in front of her again. We can still be as we were before! Please don’t abandon me¡­”

    He had forgiven her so many times in the past, so this time would be no exception, wouldn’t it? Gu Yu had run out of patience. Without sparing her another glance, he walked over to the telephone at the edge of his table and dialed an internal line. “Escort her out!” he barked into the receiver.

    Assistant Lin soon knocked on the door and entered.

    Su Ziqian began to genuinely panic, no longer daring to continue her nonsensical ramblings. Rushing forward before Assistant Lin could get to her, she asked, “If you didn’t like me, why did you treat me so well? Tell me why!”

    Gu Yu’s eyes narrowed as he turned to look at the sun shining brightly outside the window. An indiscernible emotion flashed across his eyes before he finally turned to face Su Ziqian again. His eyes were clearly fixed on her, but he seemed as if he were looking past her and at someone else.

    Eventually, he gave her the reason. “Su Ziqian, you have very good parents. And they were very fortunate¡­ to get a promise from her.”

    Su Ziqian couldn’t understand a word of what Gu Yu was saying. She wanted to ask him to clarify further, but Assistant Lin had already forced her out of the office. She watched as he heartlessly closed the door in front of her face. Afterward, she fell to the ground crying, tears silently streaming down her face.

    Assistant Lin remained standing where he was as he pitifully watched her cry. After a moment of silence, he decided to help her face the pain.

    “Miss Su, as Mr. Gu’s personal assistant, I can explain what he just said. Would you like to hear me out?”