Chapter 193 - Ill teach you (1)

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    Chapter 193: I’ll teach you (1)

    Gu Yu’s eyes darkened upon hearing that. A gloomy look lingered in his eyes, as he remained silent for some time. Perhaps he had never expected her to say such words, or he was taken aback by her straightforwardness.

    Xu Weilai had only dared to pounce on him, after taking some time to muster up the courage. She couldn’t predict Gu Yu’s reaction to her saying something so shameless. As her heart raced, she subconsciously bit down on her bottom lip, overwhelmed by a feeling of unease.

    With the bedroom light already switched off, the room was illuminated only by the glimmer of moonlight shining in through the window. The night magnified one’s emotions. Xu Weilai was so nervous that she could feel her heart preparing to burst out of her chest.

    About a minute later, Gu Yu finally responded.

    His eyes gazed at her, a ghost of a smile gracing his handsome face. The tone of his voice dropped low, a tinge of raspiness in his voice. “Give it a try then.”


    Xu Weilai gulped heavily, trying to control her nerves. Then, she gradually inched her red lips until she was right beside his ear. Parting her lips, she blew lightly.

    “Xu Weilai.” Gu Yu’s voice sounded through the room, his tone dropping deeper once more. “That’s all you got?”

    Based on the literal meaning of the word, she had indeed done what she claimed to have wanted, to pillow talk?

    Wanting to bluff it out, Xu Weilai batted her eyelashes before raising her eyebrows slightly, her uncertainty blatant as she didn’t know what to do next.

    Her first love was Gu Yu, and she also had her first time with him. All the other times she had was also with Gu Yu; she had never been with any other men. Apart from the time when she initiated a kiss out of impulse when she was drunk three years ago, all other times were initiated by Gu Yu.

    Now that he was making her take the reins, her inexperience began to show; she didn’t know anything!

    Since she had already made it past the most difficult hurdle, taking the first step, she couldn’t just back out now. Besides, it was just not her style to give up without trying her best!

    Xu Weilai psyched herself up inwardly, squeezing her palms together before puckering her red lips and pressing a kiss on the man below her.

    She was just following his example. All of her experience came from Gu Yu, so she was just doing what he did. It wasn’t a bad idea to start with a kiss, right?

    She pecked a kiss between his brows, and then another on his nose, then on his cheek. To even things out, she even pecked a kiss on each side of his face before finally pecking a kiss on his lips.

    Tonight, Gu Yu was unusually patient with her. He didn’t even visibly react as she kissed him, and Xu Weilai was even worried that he had fallen asleep. After pecking every kiss, she’d raise her head to check if his eyes had fluttered close.

    Truth be told, Xu Weilai was starting to get a little discouraged.

    Gu Yu had always been aloof, and she had never seen him getting overwhelmed by his desires. Or rather, it was more like he had never been interested in her. Was that why he had always been unfazed by her advances?

    As she had expected, Gu Yu’s hand suddenly grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away ruthlessly.

    Xu Weilai rolled down from his chest and back onto the bed, feeling her self-esteem plummet. Placed in such an awkward situation, she didn’t wish to say anything. She prepared to retreat to her corner of the bed silently.

    Before she could do anything, the man turned around and got up, his body covering atop of hers. Xu Weilai was stunned. Her eyes widened incredulously as she felt her mind go blank.

    Didn’t she fail? Could someone explain what was going on right now?

    Gu Yu’s beautiful and slender fingers pinched her chin, forcing her to raise her head. Meeting his eyes hiding the storm that raged within, she watched him part his lips as he called out each word with astounding charisma, “I’ll teach you.”