Chapter 187 - Youre going to hand him over to Su Ziqian? (1)

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    Chapter 187: You’re going to hand him over to Su Ziqian? (1)

    In the distance stood two salesmen holding beautiful and fancy gowns. One of them a bright red, and the other a shimmery silver.

    “Weilai, quick, come over and help me pick out one. I have been trying to choose between then for over an hour!” Xiao Chun’s brows twisted into a knot.

    Xu Weilai remained silent for a few seconds before turning around to look at Xiao Chun. “So this is your so-called ‘extremely urgent’ matter?”

    Xiao Chun batted her eyelashes, clinging onto Xu Weilai’s arm as she shook her, “You know me, I’m incredibly indecisive. I think these two look great, but it’s not like I can wear two gowns to attend the banquet¡­”

    Xu Weilai raised her palm to her forehead in defeat.

    “Weilai, you’ve always had a good eye. Just help me make a decision. I’ll go with whichever you pick!”

    Xu Weilai raised her chin smugly. “Then beg for me!”

    Xiao Chun complied immediately. “I beg you!”

    “What can I do with you¡­” Xu Weilai said with feigned disdain. She returned her gaze to the two gowns and looked at them for a while before pointing squarely at the bright red one. “You have a fair complexion, a narrow waist, and long legs. Thus, the red one would suit you better. However, the waistline of the gown is a little too big, so you’ll have to alter it.”

    Xiao Chun nodded, seeming to agree. She then rushed to the salesman, “Then I’d like the red one. Please help me alter the waistline now.”

    The salesman beamed, not forgetting to offer praise, “This lady truly has good taste.”

    While waiting for the gown, the salesman ushered Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun to the VIP area, serving them scented tea and cakes before taking his leave.

    Xiao Chun picked up the cup and elegantly sipped her tea as she asked, “Weilai, you’ll be coming to the company’s year-end party this year, right?”

    Year-end party? Xu Weilai didn’t respond for a while.

    At such a situation, Xiao Chun was so shocked that she almost spit out the tea she was having, “Weilai, don’t tell me that you didn’t know that Gu Corporation is about to hold the year-end party? The gown that I’m picking out today is for the banquet of this year-end party!”

    Gu Corporation’s year-end party¡­ That’s right, it was already the end of the year. It was something every company would hold to sum up the results they’ve managed to attain in the year and commend their employees amongst other things.

    However, she was but a wife who “couldn’t reveal her identity”. How could Gu Yu bring her along to the party?

    Fortunately, she wasn’t too bothered with such things.

    Xu Weilai sipped on the scented tea. She narrowed her eyes, enjoying the fragrance of the tea that lingered in her mouth.

    Although Xu Weilai didn’t reply, one look was all Xiao Chun needed to know that she didn’t know of the year-end party. Moreover, she wasn’t planning to go at all!

    Xiao Chun truly hated when people didn’t seek to better themselves. She lowered her cup, grabbed Xu Weilai’s hand, and looked at her squarely. “Weilai, listen. For the past three years, whenever Brother Yu attended a banquet, he would either attend alone or bring Su Ziqian along. The year-end party is such a highly regarded event, so he’ll definitely be required to bring a plus one along. Now that you’re his wife, shouldn’t you take the initiative to fight for a chance for yourself even if Brother Yu doesn’t mention it?”

    After pausing for a moment, Xiao Chun lowered her voice, “Are you going to just hand him over to Su Ziqian. Are you going to go down without putting up a good fight?”

    Xu Weilai lowered her eyelids, her gaze wavering slightly.

    Xiao Chun’s lips parted, ready to continue her persuasion. Just then, her phone suddenly rang, prompting her to have no choice but to answer the call first. “Mn, the special guest we’ve invited this time is the celebrity, King. Please confirm this with his manager¡­”

    After hanging up, she directed her gaze once more to Xu Weilai. Before she could say anything, Xu Weilai had already beat her to it. “Alright, I’ll go!”