Chapter 186 - What she was afraid of was how fickle his mind was (2)

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    Chapter 186: What she was afraid of was how fickle his mind was (2)

    Xu Weilai couldn’t wrap her hand around it. With her face filled with doubt, she walked out of the bedroom. Catching sight of her, Mrs. Lin called out with a smile, “Young Mistress, you’re up. Are you hungry? I’ve prepared lunch for you. Would you like to have it now?”


    Mrs. Lin turned her heel and made her way to the kitchen. After taking a few steps, Xu Weilai called out to her once more. She stopped in her tracks and turned her gaze over. “Young Mistress, is there anything else you need?”

    Xu Weilai scratched her head and paused for a moment. With a flushed face, her voice dropped into a whisper before she asked, “Mrs. Lin, the condoms in the bedside table in my room, were¡­ were you the one who placed them there?”

    Mrs. Lin paused for a moment, before shaking her head, “Young Mistress, it wasn’t me. I have never touched the things in there.”

    “Oh, then that’s fine!”

    Seems like Gu Yu was the one who placed them there after all¡­

    Xu Weilai stood rooted to the ground in a daze. She couldn’t grasp the feeling that she was currently experiencing. By now, she gradually grew accustomed to how aloof and heartless he was and finally managed to learn how to deal with it, albeit with great difficulty. But now, why did he change once more?

    To be frank¡­ she was no longer afraid of his ruthlessness. Instead, she was afraid of how fickle his mind was.


    After having lunch, Xu Weilai felt a little dizzy. She wasn’t sure whether it was because there was something weighing on her mind or because of fatigue. She laid back onto the bed once more.

    She didn’t get to rest for long, for she was awakened by notifications set off by incoming emails.

    When it comes to menial matters, Xu Weilai immediately felt rejuvenated as if she had been injected with steroids! ‘All of my troubles are but the passing wind, working makes me happy!’ she thought.

    She got off the bed and walked towards the sofa before picking up her laptop and clicking into her inbox.

    Big Boss: ‘We’ve already confirmed that the source of the news is correct. Like we’ve discussed, this project would be spearheaded by you. This news would surely be a sensational hit, so be sure to proceed with caution!’

    Xu Weilai: ‘Got it!’

    After that, she clicked into the project folder sent by Big Boss. As she read the name of the well-know celebrity within the country, she raised her brows involuntarily.


    After Christmas passed, New Year’s Day was just around the corner. The festive atmosphere in the city grew exponentially, with shophouses putting up lanterns and streamers. Festive music began being played in shopping malls.

    Xu Weilai stayed in the apartment for those few days, earnest in her preparations for the set of news that she was about to investigate. On the other hand, Gu Yu went off on a business trip and didn’t return for a few days.

    Of course, he didn’t inform her himself. He had just informed Mrs. Lin, who was the one to pass her the message.

    Today, she had received a message on WeChat from Xiao Chun all of a sudden.

    Chunchun Ready For Action: ‘It’s extremely urgent, come over quick!’

    She then sent over a location.

    Xu Weilai’s first instinct was to call her, but she failed to reach her after a few attempts. Worried that Xiao Chun was in trouble, she changed her clothes and grabbed her bag before making her way downstairs. Starting her little car, she drove to the location sent to her.

    The location Xiao Chun gave her was a big shopping mall. She drove into the underground parking lot, and after parking her car made a call to Xiao Chun once more. This time around, she picked up the call. Before she could ask what on earth was happening, Xiao Chun mentioned a store’s name, and immediately hung up!

    Deciding to accept her fate, Xu Weilai got into the lift, making her way to the second floor of the mall, to the store that Xiao Chun mentioned. Once she stepped into the store, Xiao Chun, who was already inside, pounced onto her as she yelled, “Weilai, hurry up and come over!”

    Seeing that she was safe and sound, Xu Weilai heaved a sigh of relief before taking a step towards her.

    Xiao Chun went forward, tugging on her arm before she raised her hand and pointed in the distance, gesturing to her to look!