Chapter 174 - Let Me Give You My Heart (2)

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    Chapter 174: Let Me Give You My Heart (2)

    Gu Yu ignored her and pursed his thin lips tightly. He didn’t have any intention of talking to her and silently drove the car.

    Xu Weilai took out her phone and looked at the time. It was 4 pm. She should have kept her guard up against him. That way, she wouldn’t have gotten in his car. So infuriating!

    The car finally entered the underground car park of a huge shopping mall. Gu Yu parked the car and unbuckled his seat belt. Then, he turned his head and looked at her. His voice was still cold and indifferent as he said, “Get down!”

    Xu Weilai immediately opened the car door and got out of the car. Then, she pulled open the door of the back seat and went to take her shopping bags out.

    She didn’t care what Gu Yu wanted to do, but he didn’t have the right to care about what she wanted to do either!

    However, the next second, Gu Yu came behind her and grabbed her wrist tightly. He pulled her back and used his other hand to slam the car door shut. He locked the car.

    “What on earth do you want to do?” Xu Weilai asked, infuriated. She gritted her teeth and puffed up her cheeks. Her dark eyes were wide open, brimming with anger. “If you don’t want to go, I won’t force you to. Why can’t I go alone?”

    Gu Yu still ignored her. He pulled her wrist and walked towards the elevator.

    Xu Weilai tried her best to struggle, but his fingers were like iron chains wrapped around her wrist. They didn’t move at all. She had no choice but to use her other hand to pry his fingers open.

    This action seemed to have offended Gu Yu. The man frowned and stopped in his tracks. He looked at her with his deep gaze. “If you still want to go back and have your dinner, be obedient!”

    He brought her here without saying anything, and now he even threatened her. Xu Weilai closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She forcefully suppressed the burning flames of anger in her chest and said, “Why don’t you be clear with me and say why you brought me here?”


    Gu Yu held Xu Weilai’s hand and entered a world-renowned jewelry store on the first level of the shopping mall. The store was called ‘Starlight’; the name was rather poetic.

    The manager of the store recognized Gu Yu. He smiled brightly to flatter Gu Yu and hurriedly welcomed him. “Mr. Gu, you’re here. Please come to our VIP section and have a seat. I’ll immediately ask someone to serve you premium tea!”

    “There no need for that. I don’t have the time,” Gu Yu rejected calmly. Then, he gave his order directly, “Choose a watch model and a set of jewelry. The kind that is suitable for a middle-aged man and woman. They’re businessmen.”

    The manager of the stall immediately understood. He said enthusiastically, “No problem. New limited-edition models just arrived in our store. I’ll bring them over for you to take a look. Please wait here for a moment!”

    Gu Yu raised his head and then dragged Xu Weilai to sit on the sofa. Xu Weilai glanced at his huge hand that was still holding hers. She said, “You can let go of my hand now. I won’t leave.”

    Then, she pouted uncontrollably and mumbled, “If you want to buy gifts, then just tell me! Who knows what you’re thinking if you keep quiet!”

    The man glanced at her, his expression remaining unchanged.

    Xu Weilai stopped talking when she knew she should and broke free from Gu Yu’s grasp. She didn’t want to sit with this thousand years old ice cube, so she pointed at the counter and said, “I’ll take a look over there!”

    She got up and walked over without looking back.

    Women had a natural interest in jewelry. Xu Weilai wasn’t in a good mood now, but her soul was cleansed by all these dazzling and enchanting jewelry. In an instant, she felt like getting them.

    She unintentionally saw one of their main products: a pair of rings. Her gaze was immediately fixed on them. She couldn’t move away anymore.

    There was a pink heart-shaped diamond on the ring. Under the light, it emanated rays in all directions that directly pierced her heart!

    There was a small plate in front of the rings that read: ‘Let me give you my heart!’