Chapter 173 - Let Me Give You My Heart (1)

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    Chapter 173: Let Me Give You My Heart (1)

    Assistant Lin opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But, when he saw Gu Yu’s dark face, he didn’t dare to speak up and potentially aggravate him further. He could only nod his head. “I’ll go and prepare the car immediately!”


    Xu Weilai looked at the time. It was past 3 pm. If she left her house now, she would reach the Xu Residence at around 5 pm. That would allow her some time to chat with Zhanwang before dinner.

    She went back to her room to change her clothes and get her bag. Then, she lifted the different bags of goods she bought and bid farewell to Mrs. Lin as she left the house.

    She was afraid that she would drink alcohol tonight, so she didn’t drive her car. Instead, she called for a private car. However, she didn’t expect to see a familiar black car the moment she walked out of her apartment.

    It was Gu Yu’s car¡­

    He hadn’t come back for ten days. Why was he back now? Did he leave some important documents at her house again?

    Even so, it had nothing to do with her. They both had their own paths to tread. It would’ve been best if they didn’t interfere with each other’s lives

    Xu Weilai pretended that she didn’t see anything and wanted to walk around the vehicle. Suddenly, the car window winded down so she could see the man’s handsome and indifferent face. He opened his thin lips and spit four words out. “Get in the car!”

    Xu Weilai looked around her. She confirmed that she was the only person in this area before stopping in her tracks. She looked at him. “I have things to do. If you have any orders, wait until I come back.”

    If he wanted to bother, he would have to wait until after she finished her reunion dinner!

    Gu Yu furrowed his brows. His gaze turned deeper. When he opened his mouth again, his tone was even more domineering. “Get in the car!”

    Xu Weilai remained silent and pursed her lips. She protested, “I said that I have things to do¡­”

    Before she could finish her sentence, the man interrupted her. “I know.”

    The words behind got stuck in Xu Weilai’s throat. She raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise. Gu Yu knew that she was going back to the Xu Residence for dinner today? Was he planning to go with her?

    Something didn’t add up. How did he find out about this? Was it her mother? Did her mother personally call Gu Yu to invite him, worried that she would just pretend to comply?

    No matter what the reason was, her beautiful dream of returning home alone was shattered.

    Xu Weilai sighed to herself. She resigned to fate and pulled open the door of the passenger’s seat. Then, she sat inside and turned her body to place the bags in her hand on the back seats.

    “Seat belt!” The man reminded her coldly.

    ‘Why are you hastening me¡­ If you don’t want to go, then don’t!’ Xu Weilai complained in her heart. She straightened her body and was just about to pull her seat belt. At this moment, Gu Yu leaned over directly and his arm appeared in front of her body.

    Xu Weilai was pressed between his arm and the back of the car seat. She watched as his handsome face grew bigger in front of her eyes. Her breathing stopped for half a second.

    She only realized afterward that Gu Yu probably did this because he thought she was too small to reach it and wanted to help her buckle her seat belt. She swallowed her saliva forcefully and stammered, “I¡­ I’ll do it myself!”

    As she spoke, Gu Yu had already pulled the seat belt and buckled it for her. His actions were smooth as if he did them many times. Then, he sat back into the driver’s seat and started the engine. The car drove off quickly.

    The car drove for quite some time before Xu Weilai began to gradually calm down. This was when she realized that¡­ Gu Yu was driving in the wrong direction!

    The Xu Residence was in the suburbs, so he should go right and take the highway immediately. Why was he driving towards the city? Was he not planning to go back to the Xu Residence with her? What did he plan to do then?

    Was he so evil to disallow her from going back to her family for a meal?

    Xu Weilai couldn’t care about being afraid anymore. She glared at Gu Yu furiously and questioned him, “Gu Yu. My parents and Zhanwang are waiting for me at home. Where are you taking me?”