Chapter 164 - Do They Have To See Each Other When They Hate Each Other? (2)

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    Chapter 164: Do They Have To See Each Other When They Hate Each Other? (2)

    Those were Gu Yu’s exact words: Ask her to make lunch personally and send it to the office. She must do it immediately. If she doesn’t send the food before 1 pm, she will have to bear the consequences herself.

    Bastard Gu Yu. Even though he didn’t return to the apartment, he still didn’t plan to let her go. He just had to enslave her and squeeze her dry!

    Xu Weilai forced a smile on her face and nodded. She forced herself to swallow the ‘why must I do it’ that was stuck in her throat. Instead, she replied, “Sure. It’s my duty to help my husband make a lunch filled with love. I promise that I’ll complete the mission!”

    Xu Weilai hummed as she walked into the kitchen. She rolled up her sleeves and placed her hands on her hips to calm herself down. Suddenly, she thought of something. She raised her eyebrows and an evil look emerged from the depths of her eyes.

    So he wanted to eat the food that she made personally? Sure, no problem. She would definitely prepare it sincerely and let him have a good taste of her cooking skills!

    Since Xu Weilai didn’t let Mrs. Lin help her, Mrs. Lin cleaned up the living room. While she was cleaning, she occasionally heard the sound of Xu Weilai chopping meat from the kitchen. It was rhythmic. Her heart trembled in fright as she listened to it.

    People that didn’t know what Young Mistress was doing might think that she was chopping up Young Master’s meat¡­

    Mrs. Lin remembered that night when Young Master slammed the door and left in the middle of the night. After that, he never came back. She couldn’t help but sigh. There was still a long way to go before her mission was completed. Young Mistress was staying alone. She was alone too. She was starting to miss her Mr. Lin~


    Xu Weilai carried the lunchbox and sat inside her little car. She drove to the building of the Gu Corporation.

    Gu Yu had probably informed his subordinates so she managed to enter the office without any difficulty. She went to the highest floor and walked straight towards the CEO’s office.

    The assistant saw Xu Weilai carrying the lunchbox walking towards him from afar. In that instant, the image of Xu Weilai sending food to Gu Yu three years ago appeared in his mind. She would always prepare another serving for him. She would even smile sweetly and call him her friend. What a long-forgotten warm memory~

    However, this time, Xu Weilai stood in front of him with a serious expression. She called him Assistant Lin politely and placed the lunchbox in her hand on his office table. Then, she said, “It is exactly 1 pm now. Not a minute or a second late. I’ve sent his lunch. Please help me to pass it to him. I’m leaving.”

    After she finished speaking, she turned and left without any hesitation.

    “¡­” Even Assistant Lin, who had seen many situations before while following Gu Yu around, was stunned by what happened. He froze for a moment.

    It took him a second to snap back to the cruel reality!

    Assistant Lin only chased after Xu Weilai frantically after she reached the elevator lobby. He panted as he tried to stop her. “Young¡­ cough, Miss Xu, please stay behind.”

    Xu Weilai looked up and stared at him. She was asking him what he wanted to do with her gaze.

    Assistant Lin swallowed a mouth of saliva before he managed to control his breath. After that, he replied with an uneasy expression, “Mr. Gu said that you must send the lunchbox personally to his office. I will not be able to help you to give it to him¡­ Miss Xu, please understand.”


    Xu Weilai didn’t want to see Gu Yu so she chose to come right on time. In the end, he still wanted her to send the lunchbox personally to him? Did they have to see each other when they hated each other? What was wrong with him!

    She looked at Assistant Lin’s pitiful expression as he scratched his ears and face. He was Mrs. Lin’s son after all. Mrs. Lin took really good care of her so Xu Weilai pouted and said, “Fine.”

    She carried the lunchbox and knocked on the door of the office. She heard the person inside telling her to go in. Then, she pushed the door open and walked in. When she saw the man sitting on the sofa, she stopped in her tracks abruptly.