Chapter 121 - Should You Keep Her by Your Side, or Push Her Further Away? (1)

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    Chapter 121: Should You Keep Her by Your Side, or Push Her Further Away? (1)

    He had always kept himself on a tight leash never allowing himself to lose his composure. However, somewhere along the way, he had picked up the habit of smoking. Smoking was the only thing that seemed to fill a void within him.

    As his mind kept replaying the memory of Xu Weilai’s pale complexion and red eyes, a mixed feeling of defeat and self-disdain manifested in his expression.

    After a single cigarette, he reached for his phone and dialed his assistant. After hanging up the call, he restarted the ignition and drove off.


    Mr. Gu Sr. had met up with his friends for a round of golf, and was in high spirits after having gotten some exercise. However, a call from Gu Yu’s assistant dampened his mood. He couldn’t help but sigh and decided to return home early.

    As Lin drove the car into the front porch, he saw a black car parked out front. Surprised, he turned to Mr. Gu Sr., who was seated in the back. He asked, “Sir, isn’t that Young Master’s car?”

    Mr. Gu Sr. silently glanced at it.

    Upon stopping the car, Lin opened the door to the backseat. In excitement, Mr. Gu Sr. walked towards the main door with a cane in his hand. Before he could even enter, Mrs. Lin came hurrying out. When she noticed Mr. Gu Sr.’s presence, it was like she had finally found her savior. “Master,” she called out, “you’re finally back! Young Master¡­” She trailed off.

    Mr. Gu Sr. stopped in his tracks and looked at her as he waited for her to continue.

    Mrs. Lin saw the expression in his eyes and hesitated. She looked too intimidated to speak any further, and her face reddened with unease.

    “Just spit it out!” Mr. Gu Sr. ordered impatiently as he thumped his cane on the ground twice.

    Mrs. Lin had no choice but to speak up. “Master, Young Master came back in the afternoon and watered your peony flowers until they were about to wither. He’s about to overfeed your koi to death, as well!”


    Mr. Gu Sr. hurriedly marched towards the pond, only to see Gu Yu standing ramrod-straight and throwing fish food into it.

    “Stop!” he roared. As he spoke, he picked up his cane and knocked Gu Yu on his back with it. “If you kill any of my koi, I’ll beat you to death!”

    Gu Yu turned around and put the fish food in his hand down. He looked at his grandfather and greeted leisurely, “Hi, Grandpa.”

    Grandpa Gu paid him no heed as he quickly looked into the pond to check that none of his koi were floating with their bellies up. When he determined that they were fine, he released a sigh before glaring at Gu Yu. Exploding in rage, he said, “Xu Weilai is ill! Instead of keeping her company at the hospital, you are here torturing my koi? Look at how cute they are! Just what did they do to you to deserve this?”

    Gu Yu did not reply. He stuffed both his hands into his pockets and turned his gaze towards the pond, where the koi were happily swimming in. His eyes darkened, but his face did not show any emotion.

    Then again, who was Mr. Gu Sr.? This was Gu Yu’s grandfather, who had been by his grandson’s side for so long. Even if he couldn’t be a hundred percent sure what his grandson was thinking about, he was able to guess it correctly ninety-nine percent of the time.

    Since he didn’t feel like replying, Grandpa Gu knew that it’d be useless to push him further. He opened his mouth and asked, “How is Little Weilai doing? Has her condition improved?”

    This time, Gu Yu answered him. His voice was cold and carried a hint of annoyance as he spat out his words, “Well, she’s not going to die!”

    Shortly after Gu Yu uttered those words, Grandpa Gu knocked him on his back with his cane once again. “You rascal! How could you say that? You must be desperate for a beating, huh?”

    Gu Yu glanced at his grandfather with a stony expression. A look flashed across his eyes momentarily, but he remained silent. Eventually, he bowed slightly and strode toward the main house.

    Mr. Gu Sr. stared at his stiff back and suddenly burst out in a laugh. “Yu¡­” he called out.