Chapter 90 - An Object Bought for a Billion (2)

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    <h3 class="dib mb0">Chapter 90: An Object Bought for a Billion (2)

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    Her voice was accompanied by the relentless sound of waves rolling in to shore.

    </span>Xu Weilai saw the contemptuous smile on Gu Yu’s face fade away. His dark, black eyes were instantly filled with a violent fury. At that very moment, he looked like the devil incarnate.

    </span>Xu Weilai realized too late the weight of what she had uttered, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on her back. But she knew that given the chance, she’d say the same thing again. Truly, she couldn’t bear it any longer!

    </span>“Indeed! I had almost forgotten what your specialty was.”

    </span>Gu Yu’s tone as he spoke was very calm, but Xu Weilai couldn’t stop herself from trembling.

    </span>He analyzed her with his gaze and suddenly laughed. Immediately, his expression darkened, and a murderous look that Xu Weilai had grown accustomed to flashed across his eyes.

    </span>What was about to do was overwhelmingly clear!

    </span>Before Xu Weilai could process what was happening, she had instinctively raised her arms to push him away and had whirled around to open the car door.

    </span>However, Gu Yu’s actions were even faster. The sound of the car door being locked echoed in her ears and in the very next second, Xu Weilai felt the backrest of her seat being lowered all the way. With one hand, the man snatched both of her wrists, held them in place, and pushed her body down!

    </span>Gu Yu forced his body on top of hers and held her arms together above her head. In the narrow confines of the car, she found herself unable to move.

    </span>Despite that, she still tried her best to struggle against him. Her initially pale face began to turn red.

    </span>She didn’t want to do that with him at all, particularly not now!

    </span>“Let go of me, Gu Yu. Don’t touch me!”

    </span>Gu Yu looked at her from above, and when he parted his thin lips to speak, each word was aimed to kill. “Since this marriage is a business transaction with your body, Xu Weilai, you ought to be more professional. You’ve already taken the money, and now you’re telling me not to touch you? When have you ever heard of such a good bargain?”

    </span>His laughter was cruel as he added, “Do you think you have the right to reject me?”

    </span>Xu Weilai’s breathing grew panicked.

    </span>Her strength was nothing compared to that of Gu Yu. At that very moment, she was like a fish on the chopping block, ready for slaughter. There was no chance of victory in going up against him physically.

    </span>Anxiously, she blurted out, “Aren’t you worried that Su Ziqian will be hurt by what you’re doing now? If you have needs, go to her! I’ve already promised that I’d return the money to you!”

    </span>Su Ziqian!

    </span>This was the second time she was pushing him into the arms of another woman without so much as batting an eyelid!

    </span>Clearly, this marriage was a prison to her, one that she couldn’t wait to escape. And he, Gu Yu, was nothing more than an insignificant stepping-stone.

    </span>Ha. Ha.