Chapter 86 - Let¡¯s Get a Divorce (2)

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    <h3 class="dib mb0">Chapter 86: Let¡¯s Get a Divorce (2)

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    Perhaps it was because of what Grandpa had just said, or maybe it was because of the protectiveness towards her that Gu Yu had displayed. It could have even simply been the seductive charm of the quiet night. In any case, whatever the reason, as she regained her senses, she reached her arms out and encircled them around Gu Yu’s waist.

    </span>It was exactly the same way she had hugged him so many times in the past.

    </span>However, the moment her fingertips touched his clothing, memories of the text message she had received as she was leaving the house that afternoon came flashing back into her mind. She thought of the photograph and the message that had come with it¡­

    </span>Su Ziqian had sent the message, and the photo was of her and Gu Yu in an intimate position. Gu Yu’s eyes had been closed, and his head was leaning against her shoulder as he slept peacefully. Su Ziqian had her face turned towards his, and she gazed at him lovingly. The looked like a couple in love.

    </span>The message she had written read, “Even if you’ve succeeded in forcing Yu to marry you, he still doesn’t love you. I’m the one he loves! Regardless of whether or not he’s married, I’m not going to leave. But if you have any dignity left, you should step out of this by yourself! Don’t embarrass yourself anymore!”

    </span>Gu Yu had always had more than his fair share of admirers, and when Xu Weilai had been with him in the past, she had beaten back those pests every time! She had never imagined that there would come a day where she would become one of those pests, herself!

    </span>Was this what people would refer to as karma?

    </span>She was the official wife, and yet, the concubine was the favored one and was clamoring for her to step back!

    </span>What a sad twist of events¡­

    </span>Xu Weilai slowly curled her fingers and balled her hands up into fists. Her arms gradually stiffened, and she withdrew them gently.

    </span>She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. By the time she reopened them, she had regained control of her emotions. “Grandpa has fallen asleep,” she said in a whisper.

    </span>The moment she spoke those words, Gu Yu turned around. He swept his gaze past her emotionlessly, and without a word, he headed down the stairs.

    </span>All that love and protection that he had displayed earlier that night had been nothing more than an illusion that would soon disappear¡­

    </span>Gu Yu left the main house and walked towards his car. He opened the door to the driver’s seat and got in before starting the engine.

    </span>Xu Weilai had taken a taxi over earlier that day, and she hadn’t entertained the delusion that Gu Yu would give her a lift back home. Just as she was pondering how she would get a taxi, she realized that Gu Yu’s car hadn’t left. It was still where it sat when he had gotten in.

    </span>Xu Weilai narrowed her eyes. Was he¡­ waiting for her?

    </span>She was so wary of her emotions that she didn’t even dare to harbor that small ray of hope.

    </span>Gu Yu grew impatient and honked forcefully. The sound pierced the quiet night and startled Xu Weilai out of her thoughts. She widened her eyes in surprise and looked over.

    </span>The window of the car rolled down, and he demanded brusquely, “Get in!”

    </span>Xu Weilai opened the door robotically and got into the passenger seat. Before she could even steady herself, the car began to start off!

    </span>She could sense that Gu Yu was in a horrible mood. And she guessed that it was probably because he was annoyed about having to put on this act with her.

    </span>He had always been someone who needed to be in control of everything, and he never would have lowered himself to conforming to someone else’s plans or wishes in the past.

    </span>Even though she knew that everything he had done had been for the sake of his grandfather, at that very moment, she still had the urge to thank him sincerely. “Gu Yu, thank you¡­ for today,” she uttered.

    </span>Gu Yu continued staring straight ahead, and his face was devoid of emotion as he replied, “You’re the person that Grandpa chose. I don’t care if you embarrass yourself, but don’t go embarrassing Grandpa!”

    </span>It was fortunate that she wasn’t still clinging onto any hope. That allowed her to smile unaffectedly when she heard his response.

    </span>However, since he had turned up at the gathering, it was time for her to keep to her side of the bargain.

    </span>Xu Weilai fought hard to paste a smile on her face and keep her voice light as she said, “Regardless, Gu Yu, thank you for cooperating with me in that act today. From now on, I won’t bother you again.” Each word had been enunciated clearly.

    </span>She pursed her lips and forced out the most difficult words she had ever uttered. “Let’s get a divorce!”