Chapter 52 - I¡¯ll Get Back at Him for You (2)

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    Chapter 52: I¡¯ll Get Back at Him for You (2)

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    Xu Weilai looked down and didn’t say a word.

    Xiao Chun suddenly realized what she had said, and looked at her abashedly. “Weilai, I’m sorry! You know I don’t have a filter when I speak. I didn’t say that on purpose! I’ll punish myself by smacking my mouth!”

    With that, she raised her hand and smacked her mouth a few times in succession.

    Xu Weilai quickly caught her wrist to stop her when she saw that. “Enough. I’m fine. Besides, what you said is true.”

    She knew that Xiao Chun was a very straightforward person, who often spoke whatever was on her mind. Xu Weilai had grown used to it a long time ago.

    Hearing Xu Weilai say that, Xiao Chun released a sigh of relief. She picked up her goblet and took a sip of wine before saying, “I heard that your marriage was arranged by Grandpa. Since the beginning, you’d been dreaming of marrying Brother Gu. Now that your dream has come true, you must be feeling over the moon!”

    A dream come true? Over the moon? Those words were like needles, piercing into Xu Weilai’s heart.

    In the past, she had indeed dreamed of marrying Gu Yu and becoming his bride. But he hadn’t wanted her then!

    In the present, while she no longer wanted to marry him, she had no choice but to.

    This marriage wasn’t a dream come true at all, and she wasn’t over the moon, either. All she had received so far was Gu Yu’s coldness, mockery, humiliation, and degradation¡­

    Xiao Chun watched as Xu Weilai maintained the bright smile on her face. However, after many years of close friendship, she could identify the bitterness in Xu Weilai’s smile.

    Xiao Chun already had her answer even with Xu Weilai replying, and immediately kicked herself for her insensitivity!

    She stretched out her hands and cupped Xu Weilai’s cheeks as she consoled her. “Weilai, Brother Yu is not a heartless person. There will come a day when he realizes how good you are to him. I believe that you’ll definitely be able to thaw his heart, just like you did back then!”

    Grandpa Gu had said that. Now, Xiao Chun was saying that too. They all believed that she’d be able to walk into Gu Yu’s heart once again. However, she no longer believed in herself anymore¡­

    When they were done with their meal, Xiao Chun and Xu Weilai walked out of the private room.

    Coincidentally, the door to the private room opposite theirs opened as well. A couple walked out immediately. The man was suave and good-looking, and the woman was enchantingly beautiful. The woman held the man by his arm, and, with a delicate smile on her face, her head was crooked to one side as she spoke to him.

    When Xu Weilai registered who they were, she froze mid-step.

    Gu Yu¡­ Su Ziqian¡­

    It had been more than a fortnight since he had left that night, and she hadn’t seen him since. She never expected to meet him here.

    She didn’t want to see him, and she didn’t want him to see her either, out of concern that a misunderstanding might arise. Her immediate response was to head back into the private room.

    Xiao Chun’s first reaction upon seeing Gu Yu was surprise, followed by the realization that Xu Weilai was intending to hide away. She frowned subconsciously and stopped her without a second thought. She asked in exasperation, “Weilai, why are you hiding? You’re the official wife! Why on Earth are you scared of an insignificant actress?”

    Xu Weilai wasn’t scared of Su Ziqian. The one she was afraid of was Gu Yu!

    If Gu Yu met her here, there was every possibility that he would humiliate her in front of everyone. That would be embarrassing beyond imagination!

    But she had no idea how to explain everything to Xiao Chun within that short second, and could only hold her back as she said, “Chunchun, Gu Yu doesn’t want anyone to know of our marriage.”

    Xiao Chun blew up the moment she heard that. “You’re already married, and yet he doesn’t want anyone to find out? He’s even out in public with another woman! Brother Yu has seriously gone overboard! No way! I’m going to get back at him for you today!”

    Before Xu Weilai could stop her, Xiao Chun rushed forward and called out, “Brother Yu!”

    Following Xiao Chun’s greeting, Xu Weilai immediately felt Gu Yu’s eyes on her!