Chapter 38

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    Chapter 38: To Waste Not the Encounter, in Your Hands I Put My Future (2)

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    The color had drained from Xu Weilai’s face instantaneously.

    Gu Yu had not even spared her a second glance before walking off. But, just as his shoulder had brushed against hers, he had paused for a moment and looked at her from out the side of his eye. With a cold laugh, he had said, “I have no interest in you. Stay the hell away from me.”

    Those had been his first words to her.

    As it turned out, the fianc¨¦ that she had been longing to meet had not liked her at all.

    Did it hurt?

    At that point, as she had looked at her present lying in the trash bin, her nose had ached, but she hadn’t cried. Eventually, she had reached in and plucked the wristband back out.

    After that, she hadn’t met him again, all the way until they entered university.

    By then, she had grown into a young woman with a bit of a temper and some backbone. Given that he had said such nasty words to her before, she had kept her distance from him.

    However, they had still ended up meeting.

    The campus wasn’t large, but it wasn’t exactly small, either, and it wasn’t that easy to bump into someone. However, for some unknown reason, she’d kept bumping into him.

    In class¡­ during lunch¡­ at the gym¡­

    She had strengthened her resolve not to bother with him. However, imperceptibly, his image had carved itself into her heart, bit by bit.

    Love was without reason, and it wasn’t something that could be controlled at will. She had no idea when she had fallen in love with Gu Yu, but fallen in love with him, she had.

    At the start, she had been content with just looking at him from afar. She had started to keep a diary, recording every single instance that her heart had skipped a beat. She had begun to observe him secretly and had done many silly things for his sake.

    She had originally thought that her love was destined to be kept a secret. Unfortunately for him, he had met with a sudden accident.

    At that time, although his life had been preserved, he had stayed unconscious. The doctors had told them that it was possible he’d become a vegetable and that he might never wake up again.

    When she had gotten the news, she’d deferred her studies against her parents’ wishes.

    Dragging her luggage behind her, she had gone to the hospital and moved into his hospital room. She had stayed by his side and taken care of him conscientiously. She’d even spoken to him daily and told him random stories of the times when she was young¡­

    Finally, on one bright and sunny morning, as she lay on the edge of the bed sleeping, her hand was suddenly held by the boy’s beautiful and elegant hand.

    Gu Yu had woken up, and the first thing he had seen upon opening his eyes had been her. From that moment onwards, her existence had meant something to him.

    Later on, she had naively thought that her love was finally requited, and had written a quote that contained both their names in her diary.

    To waste not the encounter (yu), in your hands I put my future (weilai).

    In other words, she wanted to put her future in the hands of her beloved man, in order for the destiny of their encounter not to go to waste.

    Unexpectedly, he had suddenly rejected her. He had been awfully heartless to her, and she hadn’t even known what she had done wrong.

    Upon closing the diary, Xu Weilai kept the book inside her safe and locked it up. It was as if she was locking up her feelings that could never be said aloud.


    Mr. Gu Sr. knew that if he insisted on holding a wedding banquet now, Gu Yu would never appear. Therefore, he settled for the second-best option, which was to let Gu Yu and Xu Weilai register their marriage first in order to make it official.

    He put on his reading glasses and flipped through the almanac before finally picking an auspicious date. Following that, he had Mrs. Lin give Gu Yu a call, notifying him to turn up at the Civil Affairs Bureau the following Tuesday at ten in the morning!

    As an afterthought, he added in a threat. “If you don’t turn up, I’ll marry Little Weilai myself and have her become your grandmother!”