Chapter 505.1 - Suspicion, enough evidence (Part 1)

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    Chapter 505: Suspicion, enough evidence (Part 1)

    Xiao Wangfu didn¡¯t hide Lin Chujiu¡¯s ambush outside the capital. Everyone, who was at the capital¡¯s gate saw Xiao Wangfu¡¯s guardsmen pushing their broken carriage into the capital.

    Whether it was entering or coming out of the capital, no one checks Xiao Wangfu¡¯s carriage. So the guards at the gate didn¡¯t see Lin Chujiu. They were only informed that Xiao Wangfei was seriously injured and her life was in danger.

    The Emperor sent Imperial Doctor Qin to Xiao Wangfu to treat Lin Chujiu, but Imperial Doctor Qin didn¡¯t see Lin Chujiu. According to people in Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu¡¯s face was badly hurt. She didn¡¯t want to see anyone.

    However, when Imperial Doctor Qin insisted on going in with the emperor¡¯s will, the servants no longer dare to stop him. But when he entered the inner room, Lin Chujiu broke his head. Imperial Doctor Qin had no choice but to retreat.

    Imperial Doctor Qin didn¡¯t bother to treat his head, he rushed to the palace with injured head. As soon as he arrived at the palace¡¯s gate, the eunuch came to him and said that the emperor summoned him.

    Imperial Doctor Qin had to rush to the meeting hall to meet the emperor with his injured head.

    The Emperor learned about Princess Fushou Zhang¡¯s death at this time. Although everyone said that Princess Fushou Zhang died under the palm of the big black bear, the emperor still didn¡¯t believe it.

    This was not the first time she caught a bear. There has been no accident before. So why there was suddenly an accident?

    Who broke the locked of the big black bear¡¯s cage?

    And even if Princess Fushou Zhang died under the paw of the big black bear, how did the Anning Courtyard collapse?

    The Emperor felt like there is no need to visit the scene, he believed that this was a man-made incident. The most suspicious person was Lin Chujiu.

    ¡°This minister had seen the emperor¡­ ¡­¡± Imperial Doctor Qin quickly walked towards the front of the hall. But before he could finish his words, the emperor interrupted him: ¡°How is Xiao Wangfei?¡±

    ¡°This minister is incompetent. I didn¡¯t get an opportunity to diagnose or treat Xiao Wangfei¡¯s face. But I saw that Xiao Wangfei¡¯s face was indeed injured. There was a deep wound from her right eye to the bridge of her nose. It should be a knife a wound. If this injury is real, I¡¯m afraid that her face will not be the same as before.¡± Imperial Doctor Qin reported the truth. He reported what he saw without any personal feelings.

    ¡°Is her face was really ruined?¡± Even with Imperial Doctor Qin¡¯s words, the emperor was still unconvinced.

    The contradiction between Princess Fushou Zhang and Lin Chujiu was too deep. Princess Fushou Zhang was not someone who will apologize to Lin Chujiu. He had long guessed about it, would Xiao Wangfu not think of it?

    Since Lin Chujiu agreed to attend the banquet, how could she not prepare anything? How can she let people ruin her face?

    ¡°This minister was far away at that time. After taking a glance, I was driven out by Xiao Wangfei.¡± In order to prove his words, Imperial Doctor Qin raised his head to reveal his injured forehead.

    At that time, Lin Chujiu throw a porcelain pillow to Imperial Doctor Qin, which hit his forehead. At that time, Imperial Doctor Qin almost pass out in pain.

    Seeing Imperial Doctor Qin¡¯s bloody forehead, the emperor frowned: ¡°Go and bandage it.¡± This injury was definitely not fake, the emperor can even see the blood hole on Imperial Doctor Qin¡¯s forehead.

    Lin Chujiu¡¯s moved this time was bloody.

    ¡°This minister thanked the emperor.¡± Imperial Doctor Qin stepped back with gratitude. The emperor slightly waved his hand and fell into deep thoughts¡­ ¡­

    She pretended to be drunk to return early, but then she encountered Martial Gods along the way. All of them were seriously injured. Lin Chujiu¡¯s face got even ruined. All this seemed reasonable but also made him felt strange.

    The opponent dispatched Martial Gods and waited for Lin Chujiu just to ruined her face?

    It makes sense but also doesn¡¯t make sense. It¡¯s not easy for Martial Gods to enter Xiao Wangfu and destroy Lin Chujiu¡¯s face. And so, they took the effort to drag her out the capital, so why they just ruin her face?

    *Tock, tock* The emperor tapped his finger on the table, then a spy came out from the dark and knelt in front of the emperor.