Chapter 487.1 - Scuffle, the start of chaos (Part 1)

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    Chapter 487: Scuffle, the start of chaos (Part 1)

    Every three days, Lin Chujiu wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao. She didn¡¯t miss t send a letter even once. In the letter, Lin Chujiu would talk everything to Xiao Tianyao, but there were never words of care and concern¡­ ¡­

    Xiao Tianyao was used to it, or rather he doesn¡¯t think he needs the worry and concern of others, and¡­ ¡­

    What was the use of those worries and concerns?

    Do those words of worries that lingers on the mouth of others will let him avoid danger or lead him to victory?

    Whether there were any words of worries and concerns, he can do his best. Xiao Tianyao never thinks he needs those hypocritical concerns, but¡­ ¡­

    When he saw the concerns and reminders written by Lin Chujiu in the letter, Xiao Tianyao suddenly found out that he was also an ordinary person and needed the verbal care of others. Even if this care was of no use to him, he felt satisfied.

    Lin Chujiu reminded him that he should think about it and made corresponding arrangements and preparations. Those written in Lin Chuji¡¯s letter can be said to be posthumous, but he still felt happy after reading it.

    ¡°It turns out that this is the taste of being cared for.¡± Looking at Lin Chujiu repeatedly told him to be careful of the Zhang Family and guard against the revenge of Futian Bank, Xiao Tianyao¡¯s heart was filled with warmth.

    He always thought that it¡¯s good to do things by actions. As for whether it¡¯s important to speak about it or not, he doesn¡¯t care what other people think. What else is there to say if he had done so much?

    However, seeing Lin Chujiu¡¯s letter today, and seeing the concerns written on paper, he thought that some things would be more satisfactory if he could say them.

    Lin Chujiu has done a good job recently, to the extent that he was astonished, but he was very stingy to praise her or even write her a letter.

    This is wrong!

    He should let Lin Chujiu know that he was very satisfied with her¡­ ¡­

    An impulse came into his mind. Xiao Tianyao carefully put away the letter from Lin Chujiu, then spread a paper and grinned the ink to write down his life experience on the battlefield and that he wanted to end the war as soon as possible and return to the capital¡­ ¡­

    However, no matter how impulsive he was, Xiao Tianyao can¡¯t write the words that she misses her. He always felt that such words should not be said by a man.

    Men were ambitious. How can they be trapped by love for their wife? Especially, people like him should not indulge in the love for the wife.

    After accumulating too many letters, but not replying. After reading many words, but not saying anything. This time, Xiao Tianyao returned all the replies that had owed Lin Chujiu before.

    At this time, Xiao Tianyao found out that every letter Lin Chujiu wrote to him, although he didn¡¯t write a reply, he could remember it all in his mind.

    After writing a dozen of letters in a row, Xiao Tianyao was finally satisfied. Thinking of a nondescript love poem copied by Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao thought for a while, and added a sentence at the end of the letter: Benwang changes his heart for you, for us¡­ ¡­

    After writing those words, Xiao Tianyao fell in thoughts again, he hesitated to write the word about ¡®love¡¯ and ¡®mutual affection¡¯, and just write about ¡®mutual knowledge¡¯.

    Benwang change his heart for you, for us to know each other deeply!

    He hoped Lin Chujiu would understand him!

    In this life, it was difficult to find a woman who can satisfy him and has enough ability. Lin Chujiu was a good example, so he doesn¡¯t want to let go of her.

    When he finished writing the letter, Xiao Tianyao took out his private seal to seal it, but just when he was about to seal it, a loud bang suddenly came from outside, followed by the disturbing hiss of horses and the rapid sound of drums.

    ¡°There is an accident.¡± No one knows what these voices represent better than Xiao Tianyao, who grew up on the battlefield.