Chapter 407.1 - Refuse, this lord is stronger than you (Part 1)

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    Chapter 407: Refuse, this lord is stronger than you (Part 1)

    Shi Qianqian, the master of the Shadow Moon Tower and Tiancang Pavilion, was an extremely powerful martial art woman. No one knows how exactly high her martial art is. People only know that even when a God of War takes 10 shots at her, not a single one successful hit her. During that time, even the emperor of the Central Empire needs to give her a face.

    There were rumors that the Empress of the Central Empire used to say that Shi Qianqian¡¯s son was nothing a wild species. When Shi Qianqian¡¯s sons heard of it, he was so sad that he couldn¡¯t help but hide himself to everyone.

    When Shi Qianqian learned of this, she gave the Empress of the Central Empire a slap in the face and said: ¡°If something bad happened to my son, I will punish your family up to 10th generation.¡±

    At that time, the Emperor of the Central Empire was next to the Empress, but he didn¡¯t say a word. Instead, he sent people to help find Shi Yihan. When Shi Yihan was found, he was so cold and hungry, that he had to stay lying in bed for half a month.

    People thought this case has ended, but 3 months later, the Empress of the Central Empire ¡®died of illness¡¯. In less than a year, the Empress entire family almost went extinct.

    In this regard, no one believes that this has nothing to do with that tough headed woman.


    Knowing the identity of the man in red robe in front of him, Demon Lord had a headache. He was very annoyed because both Tiancang Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower act in the dark. He doesn¡¯t know when they will bite their enemies.

    In addition to that, Shi Yihan¡¯s strength itself gave Demon Lord a headache. When Shi Yihan appeared in front of him, he knew that his strength was extraordinary. This is also why he was willing to give the Shadow Moon Tower a face to leave Nannuo Li a breath, even when he doesn¡¯t know his real identity yet.

    He possessed strength equal to a Martial God, but Shi Yihan almost has this strength. When they fight, Shi Yihan might not be able to beat him, but he can entangle with him and give Nannuo Li enough time to escape.

    When he fights with Shi Yihan, both side will ultimately have loses. It was not cost-effective. Most of all, it is not his style.

    Tiancang and Shadow Moon are powerful, but what about it?

    Demon Lord swept his cold eyes to the emperor¡¯s people, then he ordered them: ¡°Kill Nannuo Li.¡±

    As soon as Demon Lord words fell, he took a shot at Shi Yinhan, so that he won¡¯t get a chance to save Nannuo Li: ¡°Young Master Shi, your opponent is me.¡±

    ¡°You are really¡­ ¡­annoying.¡± Shi Yihan didn¡¯t expect that even after the other party learned his identity, he would still take a shot at him. And so, he couldn¡¯t help but be depressed.

    ¡°It¡¯s just, young master, is no better.¡± Demon Lord coldly said and unscrupulously.

    That woman, Shi Qianqian was really strong, but Demon Lord will not shrink his back.

    ¡°I took the other party¡¯s money, so I must do this business.¡± Shi Yihan could only say under Demon Lord¡¯s pressure. He was embarrassed. Seeing Nannuo Li being surrounded, he couldn¡¯t help but angrily said: ¡°I say¡­ ¡­ Southern Fifth Prince, can you run quickly? I don¡¯t have the ability to hold this person for a long time. This person¡¯s strength is way above me.¡±

    ¡°Alright¡­¡± Nannuo Li has no intention to run, but he had no other choice.

    ¡°One hour, I¡¯ll hold him for one hour, you solve the other problems by yourself.¡± Shi Yihan thought that thing was enough worth of 5 million. Well, Demon Lord was a very difficult opponent. It¡¯s not easy to fight with him.

    ¡°Hurry, stop the southern prince, don¡¯t let him run away.¡± The most nervous of all, if Nannuo Li escape, was the emperor¡¯s people. Although the merits in destroying the southern people¡¯s base are high, it was not enough if they failed to capture the mastermind.

    The southern people build a base in the east. Their trained soldiers were all killed by the east people. They destroyed this said base, but it was not enough evidence to put blame on the southern country. Unless they will seize Nannuo Li himself. As long as they seized Nannuo Li, the southern country could no longer deny this matter.