Chapter 397.1 - Confidential, responsible (Part 2)

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    <header class="entry-header"><h3 class="entry-title">Chapter 397: Confidential, responsible (Part 2)</header>

    This was?really shameful, Nannuo Yao has?no courage to open her?eyes.

    Lin Chujiu didn¡¯t think there was something wrong with it. She worked in the hospital for a long time. The human body in her eyes has no special meaning. For her, every organ looked the same.

    Lin Chujiu signaled the maidservant to got up and then took a clip.

    She sat on the edge of the bed and signaled the maidservant to take a lamp.

    ¡°Don¡¯t¡­?¡­¡± Nannuo Yao?spoke, her strong sense of shame made her afraid of candlelight.

    ¡°We are both women, why do you care so much?¡± Lin Chujiu ignored Nannuo Yao, and let the maidservant take a candle.

    As Lin Chujiu?predicted, Nannuo Yao has defects. Nannuo Yao has vaginal atresia, in this era, a highly skilled doctor can only find a way to make her look normal. After all¡­ ¡­

    The other party was?not a Western doctor. The?knife skill was good but didn¡¯t complete the process, so Nannuo Yao only looked normal down there.

    ¡°Your wound?needs to be reopened.¡± After Lin Chujiu checked, she?put aside the blood-stained?tools and bandages. ¡°It¡¯s not too difficult, I¡¯ll come and treat you tomorrow.¡±

    Her?most embarrassing side has been exposed in front of Lin Chujiu. Nannuo?Yao suddenly opened her eyes and asked: ¡°Not now? Since you¡¯re already here, you do it tonight. If you do it tomorrow¡­ ¡­ I¡¯m afraid I¡¯ll no longer have the courage.¡±

    Nannou Yao¡¯s reason was reasonable, but¡­ ¡­

    Lin Chujiu knows that things were?not as simple as it seems.

    Nannuo?Yao repeatedly asked her to stay, even at the expense of exposing her own defects, to say that she has no other?purpose, Lin Chujiu?will?not believe?it.

    ¡°Princess?Nannuo Yao, say, why do you keep me here again and again?¡± Lin Chujiu asked while crossing her arms.

    ¡°What are you talking about? I don¡¯t understand¡­?¡­¡± Nannuo Yao?said with a pale face, she covered herself with a quilt and said: ¡°Do it tonight, I can¡¯t wait any longer.¡±

    ¡°Don¡¯t you want to? I don¡¯t like to be treated by another doctor tonight.¡± Nannuo Yao was so determined to be treated tonight, which made Lin Chujiu sure she has an ulterior motive.

    Tonight, she really can¡¯t stay?here.

    Seeing Lin Chujiu not cooperating, Nannuo Yao coldly said: ¡°You know my secret, but refuse to treat me. Aren¡¯t you afraid that I might kill you?¡±

    ¡°You can give it a try, which does you think will come first, your secret exposure or my death?¡± Lin Chujiu was not afraid of Nannuo Yao.

    Here is the east, not the south. If Nannuo Yao was a princess of the east, it might be possible.

    ¡°You¡­?¡­¡± Nannuo Yao bit her?lip?and made a face as if she was hurt: ¡°I told you the biggest secret in my life, what else do you want?¡±

    In the eyes of ordinary people, if the other party tells you her?biggest secret in life,?you will naturally get?close to that?person. Nannuo Yao was obviously using?this trick to bring her closer to Lin Chujiu. It just?a pity that Lin Chujiu is a doctor. Although she was?not a psychologist, she pays attention to her surroundings. This method will not work on her.

    ¡°Princess?Nannuo Yao, you seem to have forgotten?that I am a doctor. You want to be cured immediately, but as a doctor, I know?your condition is nothing but a normal thing.¡± What biggest secret? She knew something bigger secret than this. So what¡¯s exciting about this?

    For example, a man¡¯s son is not actually his biological son. A certain lady has a special hobby¡­ ¡­

    These were some of her patient¡¯s revelation. If she will take responsibility for what she heard to her patients, then she was responsible for a thousand people. As a doctor, she knows some patients secrets. All she could do for them is to treat this information confidential!

    As long as she helps?Nannouo?Yao?to keep her?secret, she has?no other responsibility¡­ ¡­

    *?Vaginal atresia?¨C a condition in which the vagina is abnormally closed or absent.