Chapter 139

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    Chapter 139: To support and Lin Chujiu is also someone who has a backing

    Meng Shi fully mocks himself. However, it can be said that hes not entirely wrong, but

    Even if we understand the emperors intention now, the imperial edict has already been given to us. Eldest brother might not be willing, but he cannot refuse. Meng Erye said with a heavy heart.

    Meng Sanye also doesnt know what to do, so he sadly looks at Meng Laofuren and said: Mother, what are we going to do now?

    What to do?

    Meng Laofuren bitterly smiles, then said: This matter is related to Xiao Wangye. So, lets hear first what Xiao Wangye will say.

    We will contact Xiao Wangye? Is that okay? Wont the emperor feel unhappy if we do that? The emperor cant blame Meng Laofuren to do this, after all

    Hes the one who ties her family to Xiao Wangyes bad luck.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I dont believe that Xiao Wangye will be unlucky all his life. Meng Laofuren doesnt think that Xiao Wangye will be silent regarding in this matter.

    After all, the timing of the northern countrys attack is too clever. And to say that Xiao Wangye has nothing to do with this, Meng Laofuren wont believe it.

    However, Meng Shi immediately disagree: Xiao Wangye can turn over this event? He might be a great general, but his legs are wasted. So, how he will turn this event?

    As long as there is a war, a general can think of any possible way to come back. So, dont look down on Xiao Wangye. Meng Laofuren vaguely said. And as for whether her three sons can finally understand it, Meng Laofuren no longer cares.

    By virtue, their familys connection to Xiao Wangye will not fall, as long as he wont get into a tragic accident.

    Mother, what you said is not wrong, but Xiao Wangyes legs are now totally useless. Its not that Meng Shi doesnt want to believe in his mothers words. Its just, he needs to believe in the fact that is in front of him.

    I dont believe that Xiao Wangye wont be able to stand all his life. Meng Laofuren is still very confident with Xiao Wangye.

    After all, if she wont have confidence in him, her granddaughter would be very pitiful.

    Meng Laofuren saw that Meng Shi still not convinced, so she no longer waits to hear his word and just said: I will decide things regarding in this matter. I dont want you to go out in the upcoming days.

    This son will obey. Although they are still puzzled. The three of them wink and agreed to just leave. After all, they have long been accustomed to their mother giving orders. And the tiredness is already visible on their mothers face.

    However, as soon as the three of them went away, Meng Laofuren recover her energy instantly and said: Someone come, bring me a pen and a paper.

    Meng Laofuren personally wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao. She wrote how Guo Gongfu feels towards this matter. And she wrote that they will fully cooperate in this matter no matter what he says.


    Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha were discussing their countermeasure in this event when they received Meng Laofurens letter. But while reading the letter, Xiao Tianyaos face become gentle a few times.

    This old lady truly cares about Lin Chujiu. And to prove that, she is willing to do anything for her.

    To have such a caring grandmother, it can be said that Lin Chujiu is very lucky!

    You also have to take a look. After reading, Xiao Tianyao readily passes the letter to Liu Bai.

    Su Cha and Liu Bai both read the letter. But after reading the letter, they stayed silent for a long time.

    After all, they are aware that Xiao Tianyao didnt let them read the letter to learn the content. But, to let them know that there was a big Buddha that is protecting Lin Chujiu from behind. So, they shouldnt underestimate her.

    However, this is also Xiao Tianyaos intention.

    A moment later, Su Cha said with a smile: Wangfeis maternal family is willing to help, we can save a lot of effort with this. Su Cha didnt say Guo Gongfu. He also didnt say Meng Family. Rather, he said Lin Chujius maternal family, which shows Su Cha didnt consider himself an outsider and just stick in his position.

    No, benwang will not let Meng Family lead the army. Meng Familys willingness to help is a good thing, but Xiao Tianyao doesnt want them to get involved in this war.

    Liu Bai got puzzled, so he ask: Is there someone else good than Meng Family? Meng Family is willing to cooperate, with that, they will be able to minimize their loss.

    None, but Meng Family can not. In order to support Lin Chujiu, Meng Laofuren sacrifices the reputation and interest of Meng Family. He appreciates this old ladys decisiveness, but it doesnt mean that he will accept it.

    Liu Bai immediately understands the meaning of Xiao Tianyaos words, so he depressingly said: Wangye, you shouldnt decide this matter base on your private interest.

    Xiao Tianyaos cold eyes immediately swept past Liu Bai: Bai, are you doubting benwangs decision?

    I, I dont dare. Liu Bai said that he doesnt dare, but his pair of eyes shows that he is unconvinced. Xiao Tianyao no longer bother to look at Liu Bai. Instead, he look at Su Cha: You? Do you also think the same as Liu Bai? Do you also think benwangs decision is base on private interest?

    No, Su Cha shook his head without any hesitation: Wangye cant decide base on his private interest. That is because, Wangfeis maternal family is only willing to help Wangye because of Wangfei. And if Wangfei is not here, they wouldnt invest any help to Wangye.

    Meng Familys wealth is already over the top of the sky. They no longer need to come forward in the war to earn more richness. They no longer need to participate in power struggles of the royal family. Because no matter who sits in the throne, Meng Family doesnt need more cash.

    Liu Bai didnt agree: Without Wangye, its impossible for a member of Meng Family to be appointed as a general by the emperor.

    And do you think that is a good thing for Meng Family? Do you think Meng Familys eldest son is willing to be a general? Su Cha doesnt understand how Liu Bais brain functions to say such a blunt idea.

    To put it bluntly, his action is called a demonstration of loyalty and courage. But, too bad he is silly and stupid.

    Liu Bai doesnt believe in Su Chas words. He still believe that Meng Family is so cheap to think like that: If not because of Wangye, the emperor wouldnt even remember their name. And most likely to use them.

    Su Cha almost gone crazy, Do you know what kind of man is the eldest son of Meng Family? In the capital, who doesnt know that he is not a martial artist and nothing but a rich man? He has no ambition, nor ability to be part of military. But the emperor appointed him as a general? And not only that, the emperor even put Wangyes soldiers and horses in his hands.

    I know that. Liu Bai said in a cool manner: Im not a fool, so how cant I see that.

    Since you know that, you dont have any right to think that Meng Family is cheap and just took advantage of Wangye. Su Cha felt like he was being played.

    What Su Cha said is not wrong, but Liu Bai still insist his thought: The emperor appointed him as a general and ask to lead Wangyes soldiers. As long as he win this war, he will get fame and fortune. If that is not what you call cheap, then what is it?

    That is not wrong. Su Cha immediately replied: But, its impossible for Young Master Meng to have such strength and defeat the Northern Countrys army.

    That is his own problem. Who can blame his own incompetence? Liu Bai coldly said with a hum. This time, Su Cha no longer argues, because

    What Liu Bai said makes sense.

    If Meng Shi has the ability, he can take this opportunity to get fame. But the reality is harsh because he has no such skills!

    Su Cha realized that he shouldnt have wasted time to debate with Liu Bai. So, he immediately change the topic and said: Wangye, if the appointed general is not from our own people, our 300 000 soldiers will be in danger.

    No matter who leads the army, regardless of purpose, Xiao Tianyaos 300 000 soldiers will definitely be used in the front line, because