Chapter 133

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    Chapter 133: Cleanliness and Ended fast

    Of course, Xiao Tianyao is not looking down on Guo Gongfu. Guo Gongfu helping him is a good thing, but

    He doesnt want him and Lin Chujiu stay together just because of that interest in mind.

    Xiao Tianyao didnt directly answer Meng Laofurens question. He only said: Meng Laofuren, benwang didnt marry Chujiu for her backing.

    This is true. Xiao Tianyao didnt marry Lin Chujiu because there were big forces behind her. Everyone knows that Xiao Tianyao only married Lin Chujiu because of an imperial edict. That is why Meng Laofuren was so worried.

    Wangye, now that the two of you are married. Chujiu is now your wife. Xiao Wangfu and Guo Gongfu are now in the same boat. Meng Laofuren said even though she knows that this ship is not reliable. But for the sake of Lin Chujiu, she can only make a gamble on this.

    Xiao Tianyao got impressed with the old ladys courage. But, he has his own principle: Meng Laofuren, benwang would like to cooperate with Guo Gongfu, but not in this kind of way. After all, Chujius uncle will be the head of Guo Gongfu in the future. Benwang doesnt want Chujiu to be blamed by her uncles later.

    Xiao Tianyaos words were full of concern to Lin Chujiu. Which made Meng Laofuren think that Lin Chujiu marrying Xiao Tainyao is such a good blessing.

    But, if only she knows the real relationship of Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. She will definitely not think like this.

    However, with Xiao Tianyaos kind words. The last trace of doubt in Meng Laofurens heart dissipated. She came today to see if Lin Chujiu is living well. But, Xiao Tianyao made her see clearly that Lin Chujiu is not lonely. And even without Guo Gongfus backing, he doesnt despise Lin Chujiu.

    Meng Laofurens purpose in coming was met. So now, she can finally relaxed and exposed her weakness.

    After all, she was too old to keep this up. In the capital, old people like her age and who is sicked are only lying in bed. They rarely go out to walk like her.

    When Xiao Tianyao sees this, he immediately ordered the maidservants to help the old lady to rest in the room. And only bring her back once their lunch are ready.

    Meng Laofuren knows her condition very well, so she didnt refuse Xiao Tianyaos kindness.

    So, when Lin Chujiu came back, she only saw Xiao Tianyao and heard that Meng Laofurens was resting in her room. Lin Chujiu didnt went to her grandmother, instead, she bowed her head to Xiao Tianyao and said: Wangye, thank you for todays event.

    Without Xiao Tianyaos cooperation, Meng Laofuren will definitely not believe her words that easily.

    No need, we are couples.He didnt cooperate with her today. Every action he took is sincere. However he knows that Lin Chujiu will not believe it.

    And just like what hes expecting, Lin Chujiu only said: Oh and no longer speak again.

    Meng Laofuren is not in the same room as them, so she doesnt need to act naive or happy. But, because she could throw Xiao Tianyao out, all she could do is stay with him and sit.

    After staying silent for a long time, Lin Chujiu felt bored. So, she unconsciously taps her finger over the table and thinks about Third Prince Xiao Zians condition.

    When she checked Third Prince Xiao Zians condition before, the medical system cannot diagnose his illness. So right now, she wonders if Divine Doctor Mo was able to find out his disease.

    Lin Chujiu had researched about some incurable disease in her previous life. So, it can be said that shes not afraid to encounter incurable disease, instead, she wanted to overcome and discover each one of them. And if only hes not from the royal family, she will certainly do an experimentation until she cures him. But

    Its a pity

    Pity, what? Xiao Tianyao who is silent for a long time suddenly said. So, Lin Chujiu got startled and stared at him blankly.

    Xiao Tianyao patiently repeated: You said its a pity, whats that all about?

    It turns out that with Lin Chujius carelessness, she accidentally said her words out loud.

    Lin Chujiu got stunned for a moment. If it was like before, she could just reply him with Its nothing. But today, Xiao Tianyao helped her. Lin Chujius face is not that thick, so she answered his question even though she still has resentment: I was thinking about Third Prince Xiao Zians legs. Because I dont know if hes now finally cured.

    No matter how bad Divine Doctor Mos personality is, his medical skill is excellent. Unfortunately, they have a grudge against each other, so she couldnt become his apprentice.

    Youre worried about Third Prince Xiao Zian? Xiao Tianyaos eyes squinted a bit with a dangerous look.

    Lin Chujiu was still thinking about Third Prince Xiao Zians legs, so she didnt notice the change in Xiao Tianyaos face. But, she instinctively shook her head and said: Im not familiar with the Third Prince, so I cant afford to get worried about him. Im just curious about his disease. Although the medical system didnt require her to cure the Third Princes legs. Discovering his disease will give her a sense of a great accomplishment.

    When Xiao Tianyao heard her words, the murderous aura he has in his body instantly disappeared. And it was changed with good vibes: If you are that interested. You can go to the palace to see him.

    Lin Chujiu knows very well that the only thing that can stop the healing process is called the Accident. So, if she entered the palace and the Third Prince got into an accident. What will she do?

    No, I just got bored and suddenly think of it.

    Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu doesnt have any plan to go. So, he no longer persuades her. The two of them fell silent once again. Fortunately, not long after, some people came and ask permission to enter and deliver their foods.

    Lin Chujiu took this opportunity to go and see her grandmother. Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu is still avoiding him. But, what can he do?


    When the three of them started eating, they just eat and didnt speak. Lin Chujiu maintain her etiquette during this feast. But, from time to time, she tried putting some dishes in Meng Laofurens bowl. And then, she will eat quietly again. Meng Laofuren notices that Lin Chujiu was only serving her, so she told Lin Chujiu to also serve Xiao Tianyao.

    Lin Chujiu didnt refuse her grandmothers request, but she said: Grandmother, Wangye doesnt like to eat food that was touched by other people.

    Xiao Tianyao had a slight obsession with cleanliness. People whore familiar with him was aware of it.

    Ahh! Is that so Meng Laofuren felt a little uneasy. And then, she carefully looked at Xiao Tianyaos dishes. Meng Laofuren notices that Xiao Tianyao only has a few dishes in his bowl. Most of them are foods that she and Lin Chujiu didnt touch.

    Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu in the eyes. And then, he put down his chopsticks and said: Meng Laofuren, dont listen to Chujius nonsense. Benwang is not that picky. Hes only a little picky. So, almost no one has noticed it.

    Xiao Tianyao doesnt know how did Lin Chujiu found out about it. Because even Su Cha and Liu Bai didnt notice this habit of him.

    Wont pick it, wont pick it. Meng Laofuren now felt awkward to eat, so she felt like chewing a wax inside her mouth.

    Obviously, eating with someone like Xiao Tianyao whos picky about food is very unappetizing. So, after eating two more spoons full, Meng Laofuren already put down her chopsticks.

    Grandmother? Lin Chujiu felt a little regretful. If she knew things would be like this, she wouldnt say those words.

    Meng Laofuren, actually doesnt mind, so she looks at her and said with a big smile: Grandmother is now very old and cant eat much. Dont mind me, just continue to eat.

    But, how could she do that?

    Lin Chujiu couldnt bear to do it, so she also followed and put down her chopsticks. Xiao Tianyao also loses his appetite, so their lunch ended fast.

    Old people always think too much. So seeing most of the food were untouched, Meng Laofurens heart couldnt help but feel uneasy.

    Supposedly, she shouldnt feel like this because Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao had a good relationship. But, there is still this inexplicable doubt inside her heart