Lady Cultivator

Lady Cultivator

Author:Yun Ji




Lastchapter:Chapter 307 - The Heaven and Earth Fan


The challenges a female cultivator had to overcome on her life journey were countless.She mustn’t be lacking in talent, cultivation techniques, medicinal  pills, and magic weapons. Otherwise, her cultivation would progress too  slowly.She also mustn’t have too many emotions, weaknesses, kindness, and  greed. If she had too much of them, she would soon be saying hello with  death.Moreover, she must look neither too pretty nor too ugly. Although she mustn’t be stupid, she also couldn’t be too intelligent.Being a female cultivator, Mo Tiange naturally had to face those  challenges. Nevertheless, being orphaned from a young age had toughened  her tenacity and resilience. Neither having what were deemed as waste  spiritual roots nor limited resources could deter her spirit. Staying as  inconspicuous as possible but never let an opportunity go was her daily  life. Follow Mo Tiange as she embarked on a journey to survive and  achieve immortality in the harsh and merciless cultivation world…

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