Legend of Fu Yao

Legend of Fu Yao

Author:Tian Xia Gui Yuan




Lastchapter:Chapter 341


The archaeologist “red-haired witch” made  too big of a disturbance while excavating tombs, gloriously becoming a  martyr in the midst of the grave chamber’s collapse. Seventeen years  later, she had transmigrated into the Five Regions Continent. The  delinquent Meng Fuyao who struggled to survive in the lowest rungs of  society, cast aside her boyfriend who was about to marry another person  with a slice of his five fingers. “Believe me, she will be an absolutely perfect wife. With her by your  side, you will be like an aristocrat and her luxury poodle – no matter  where you go, your status will increase by a hundred-fold and complement  each other perfectly.” Forsaken love, abandoned like dog shit. From then on it was a  boundless sky and open sea, a trek of ten thousand li. To obtain the  Seven States seals, fight against the world first. For the hope of  return in her heart, brazenly collide with the Machiavellian royalty of  the seven states, uniting the outstanding and talented under the heavens  through fortuitous meetings. And so, will this road of chanced affection go through the peak of  heavenly mountains and the warmth of bonfires; the glint of sword  shadows and the coldness of the glance backwards; the autumn sun’s  golden wind and the flying sweep of the robe sleeve; or that chilly  moonlit forest and that sprint like an arrow’s? Once love and that  chosen, narrow path cross each other, which will prevail? She said, I can dedicate myself to you, but if you do not want my  body of hot blood, then I must draw your blood. She said, the efforts of  my entire life have run in the opposite direction of true love, so are  the heavens laughing at me? Then I guess I can only laugh at the  heavens. Three chi of torn silk, one zhang of spilt blood. A thousand li of  expanded territory, ten thousand fallen corpses. One day the Luan and  Phoenix will soar up with the winds, and Fuyao will rise straight up,  ninety thousand li.

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